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3 Recommendation For What To See In Denpasar In Your Vacation

You need to know what to see in denpasar if you have planned to go to this place for your vacation. Denpasar is one of the many destinations selected during a vacation in Indonesia. Denpasar itself is one of the areas in Bali, which is famous for its beautiful beaches. In Bali, Denpasar is a place that many destined by the tourists. In this place, there are many tourist destinations to choose from to enjoy the holiday. In Denpasar, you can choose a beach tourism destination, or a cultural tourism destination.

As a famous place very beautiful to travel, you will not lack of ideas of what to see in denpasar Bali. Many things you can see in Denpasar, such as forest conservation, fauna conservation, beaches, cultural conservation, and other tourist attractions. With environmental conditions that are still very awake, the beauty of the environment in Denpasar no need to doubt. Beautiful scenery will always accompany your eyes in every corner of Denpasar. In addition, the local culture in Denpasar is so unique that it will give a magical atmosphere touch in every place you visit. Some places that are highly recommended if you visit Denpasar, among others.

  1. Bali Museum in Denpasar

In Bali museum, you will meet the cultural history of Bali along with various artistic collections. With manicured surroundings, the impression of the environment with shady plants will welcome you. When you enter the museum, you will be greeted with a unique Balinese architecture. In addition to the architecture of the building that displays the uniqueness of Balinese architecture, the building you enter has a deep historical footprint. In each building itself, there are art collections with high artistic value.

  1. Bajra Sandhi Renon

Bajra Sandhi Renon, is a monument with a high historical value. This monument has a high historical value in the cultural and social journey of the people of Bali. On this monument, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along with the uniqueness of the monument building with high historical and artistic value.

  1. Turtle Conservation

In the conservation of turtles in Denpasar, you can observe closely the pattern of tortoise life. In addition to closely watching the tortoise, you can also take pictures with turtles, or do selfee. The extraordinary beauty of this place is when the turtles undergo the egg-laying cycle.

  1. Bali Art Centre

Bali Art Center is the stage for various cultures in Bali. In this place, you can see a very unique Balinese dances with high artistic value. In addition to seeing various Balinese dances, various cultural performances can also be found here.This place is practically the most must visited place when you come to Denpasar.

4 recommendations we provide can definitely be your basic idea about what to see in Denpasar right now. Although we only recommend 4 places, it does not mean there is no other place of interest in Denpasar. Just too many interesting places that you can visit in Denpasar. If you are interested in knowing, you can find out more in yourself.


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