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Shed fat and look fabulous with Clenbuterol

Clenbuterolor “Clen” is a fat loss drug mostly used in cutting cycles. It is one of the strongest and popular weight loss supplements. This drug burns the stored body fat as energy. Studies have reported that this pill has the ability for muscle retention, reduce muscle loss and promotes aerobic capacity. It is commonly used by anabolic steroid users and is a favorite among bodybuilders and athletes for its fat losing properties. This drug does not attack the fat cells rather excites the metabolism by enhancing your body’s temperature. This compound gives fast results when used appropriately with very fewer side effects.

Primarily, this medicine was used for the treatment of breathing disorders. It functions like a bronchodilator similar to Asthma puffer. With the discovery of weight loss and muscle improvement properties, this drug has become quite popular. It raises the rate of metabolism which in turn burns off fat deposits. This medication is strongly anabolic and has the potential to encourage anabolic activities in animals. Several studies have shown that the anabolic activity of rats increased when this compound was given. As far as boosting anabolic activity in humans is concerned there is no such data. This drug is safe for humans in low doses like its use as a bronchodilator.

Proper administration

For therapeutic use, the common doses range between 20-40 mg daily. Some may need more, but it is unusual and usually for a short time period. In most of the cases, this dosage is enough to treat breathing problems. For thermogenic purposes, initially low doses are given and then gradually increased. However, 40 mg daily in men is considered perfect. Few women may be also fine with this as starting dose but more comfortable with a dose of 20 mg per day. The doses should be increased to get the maximum fat loss benefits. You can use this compound for two weeks followed by discontinuation for two weeks.

Another method is of continuous use. In this type, an individual begins with an initial dose of 20-40 mg daily and continues such dosage for 2-3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks, the user will increase the dose by 20 mg and continue it for again 2-3 weeks. Thereafter the user increases the dose by 20 mg every 2-3 weeks till his diet plan. This dose keeps the body’s metabolism accelerated all the time. This leads to a steady and continuous enhancement. The final method is to use this steroid for 4-6 weeks and a good way to use it during the last few weeks before a competition.

Numerous benefits

To achieve the benefits of this steroid, one has to work very hard. It is a supplement taken before working out to lose body fat and retain lean muscle mass. Those who have been taking this drug notice a remarkable improvement in strength and stamina. It increases the body’s internal temperature resulting in a rise in his metabolic rate. Due to enhanced metabolism, the body burns stored fat fast. By increasing oxygen flow in the body, this supplement boosts the cardiovascular activities and the body can do more intensive workouts within a few days of using this drug. It is effective and safe for humans in low doses for therapeutic use as well.



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