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15 Study Hacks You Need to Know

Ever wondered what the biggest obstacle to academic success is?Procrastination! Putting off that paper until the last moment.  You know you need to do it, but oh wait, you want a coffee, there’s a crazy cat video to watch, a catch up on last night’s Walking Dead, or a load of notifications on Facebook to deal with. Yep, you know your subject but does that make you an expert essay writer?Not always.However,you’re in luck!We’ve put together some of the best study hacks that can make procrastination a thing of the past and get you back to the cat videos and coffee and all the other shiny distractions around you. Here are just a few of the best.

  • Take out the personal

This sounds like a crazy strategy, but we have all scribbled and scrawled our way through a lecture and then spent hours trying to decode the notes, haven’t we?  So pretend the notes are for someone else and they will be neater, more organised and let’s face it – easier to read when you finally come back to them.Image result for 15 Study Hacks You Need to Know

  • Think like a professional

Professional essay writers focus on the key elements of an assignment.  Because they have “taken out the personal” (step one!), their effort is put in not to make themselves look good, but to answer the question So do the same, think like a professional, not a student.

  • Colour code like crazy

We respond to colour – so use it.  Highlight in different colours to make things stand out and use any other rainbow combination you like.  At recall you can picture the colours and boom! -the words are there for you to use.

  • Know when to walk away

Hang on, you just said don’t procrastinate!You’re right.  However, professional essay writers know that sometimes you just have walk away, shake out the brain cells and then come back to the work.  If it’s just not happening – walk away for five minutes.  

  • Change your location

While we are on the subject of moving, don’t study in the same place every day.  FengShui suggeststhat when we sit in the same area all the time, our brains become stagnant – so swap rooms with a friend for a day and watch those creative juices flow.

  • Read, review, read.

Professional essay writers and assignment writing services know that the only way to get it right is to read it, re-read, and then get someone else to read it.

  • Chew gum

Yes! Chewing gum activates thepart of the brain that leads to alertness and makes other areas of the brain – (the ones you need to be an expert essay writer) – fire up too.

  •       Don’t be a vampire.

Tempted to work through the night?  Don’t – you’re less effective at night and will make more mistakes.

  • Say it out loud.  

Read your work out loud to yourself. Or better yet, record it and play it back. If you nod off, you’re on the wrong track.

  • Handwrite it.  

Assignment writing services recommend hand-writing the first draft. It focuses the brain and stops the essay writer going down a route that isn’t going to answer the question.

  • Be a teacher

Print it. See how it looks, how it reads and imagine you’re marking it.  Then correct it.

  • Keep it focused

An Introduction is “say what you’re going to say”, the Body of the work is “say it” and conclusion is “say that you’ve said it”.  Keeping to this mantra will make sure you stay on topic.

  • Do it backwards.  

Yep.  Really.  Write your main points, (“say it” ) then go back to the introduction and conclusion (see hack 12)

  • Post-it note the question.

Put the post-it above your PC.  That’ll stop you going off topic.

  • Get some help.  

Don’t go it alone.  If it’s causing sleepless nights, stress and panic, get help from an assignment writing service or a professional essay writer.  They can streamline your thoughts and take away the pain.

Conclusion: Adopting these hacks can give you the perfect essay. No stress, no panic, but maybe just a little procrastination. Now, where did I put that coffee?


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