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7 Awesome Things to do in Marrakech, Morocco

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Morocco is fascinating place seeped in rich culture. The country openly welcomes and embraces tourists who want to visit their distant land. As such there can be some deals to be found in Morocco. Luxury villas in Marrakech are on the rise, the food options are delightful and nearly everywhere you turn there is a unique cultural aspect to take in.

Every year more and more visitors are enjoying the wonders of Morocco. The country is characterized by its rugged mountain interior, large tracts of desert and lengthy coast along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Marrakech is often nicknamed the ‘Red City’ or ‘Ochre City’ because of all its red sandstone used for its construction. In 1122-1123 Ali ibn Yusufin built many of the structures in the city. Marrakech has continued to grow and thrive as a cultural, religious and trading center. It is the fourth largest city in Morocco and Morocco has the fifth busiest economy in Africa.

If you are seeking a culturally rich destination to travel to, here are seven awesome things to do in Marrakech, Morocco.

Go to the Saadian Tombs

The Saadian Tombs are one of the most popular attractions in all of Morocco. The tombs are decorated to a very grandiose scale. They have vibrant tiles, Arabic scripts and intricate carvings. Inside there are magnificent arched ceilings surrounded with marble and mosaic carvings. The tombs are a beautiful aspect of Moroccan history and can leave quite the impression with the visitor.

Wander around Medina

This historic center in the heart of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here there is a variety of old residential buildings along with various monuments and architecture. There are lots of places to visit within this area including the Koutobia Mosque, Badia Palace, Saaidian Tombs and many others. Or visitors can simply enjoy blissfully strolling along through the narrow streets to their hearts content. This site is nice to visit both in the day and the evening. In the evening time the lights can give some neat ambience with the old historic vibe.

Go to a Traditional Moroccan Hamman

The Hamman is a very important and significant part of the Moroccan way of life and belief system. This is where they go to bath and cleanse themselves until their skin glows. If you enjoy steam baths and saunas you are certain to enjoy a Hamman. Many of them also offer massages and body treatments with essential oils and fragrant perfumes to have you feeling extra refreshed. This is a highly regarded part of Moroccan culture so try to get to do this once if at all possible.

Stay in Luxury Accommodation

With the efforts to boosts tourism, Morocco is a great place to splurge a little more than you might normally otherwise. The dollar of many tourists can go a long way here making some of these extra indulgences even better value. Especially if you are traveling as a group or as a family the cost of splitting some nice accommodation can be pleasantly affordable. Even for well-seasoned travelers, full days out in the streets of Morocco can be a lot. By making sure you have a nice place to retreat to each evening you will be well on your way to feeling refreshed and ready to go the next day.

Marvel at the Museum de Marrakech

Even those who are not huge museum lovers should try to make a point of going to this one. The building alone for the architecture is worth seeing. The museum is set in a historic building that used to be the royal chamberlain Sidi Said’s mansion. Now inside it houses a prominent collection of daggers, musical instruments, carved doors and strange kitchen objects. Overall there is some of Morocco’s finest art on display here. If you only have time to go to one museum, this is a good one to choose.

Enjoy Moroccan Food

Eating in Morocco is supposed to be a relished and reminisced affair. Brightly colored spices add a certain beauty to the dishes and fresh herbs are a staple in almost every kitchen. Hearty fish and meat dishes will fill up and sustain your energy for your busy days. Delicious pastries and sweets are unavoidable as you wander about throughout the city. Marrakech does a good job of catering to many tourists that visit the city. So enjoy going on a culinary adventure while you are there. Food is another important part of Moroccan culture and life.

Enjoy the Bustle of Marrakech Souks and Market

Going to this market is one of the best things about the whole city. It is essentially interwoven into all aspects. Locals and tourists from around the world flock here. You can find crafts, ornaments, jewelry, lamps and beautiful carpets. The one thing to be mindful of is to not purchase nor support the use or selling of endangered animal species or by-products. This is still an ongoing issue in Morocco and we can all be responsible tourists. That aspect aside, this market a pulse of the city and should not be missed.

Go to Djemaa el Fna

This popular city square is the place to be at night. The energy is high and the place fills up with story tellers, fortune tellers, musicians, dancers and performers of all types. During the day this can still be a good place to look for souvenirs, but the night time, that is when you want to go here.

A trip to Marrakech, Morocco is a place that is rich in culture and a trip you won’t soon forget. Keep Marrakech at the top of your vacation destination lists.


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