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7 Ways of Having an Eco-Friendly Wedding: Inexpensive yet Remarkable

A wedding is a representation of love and commitment, and it is then that its attendees witness a union of devotion that begins the course of building a family. Perhaps, a wedding is also one of the most, if not the most, important events in the life of a person. This is why thorough planning must be made to create a memorable event.

Realistically, weddings cost a ton. Expenses include the venue and the designs, the ring, the cake, the invitations, and much more.  Of course, a couple sets up a financial plan for the wedding to control expenses but must also expect and prepare if anything goes over the budget.

Now, 2017’s design of the year has presented new wedding ideas that are both inexpensive and environmentallyfriendly yet imprint picturesque memories for a couple.

Greenery may be used in different ways in planning a wedding. Below are 7 ways to have an eco-friendly wedding with 7 examples of how to use greenery as an inexpensive instrument for a remarkable wedding.

Greenery for:

  1. Wedding Centerpieces
  2. Wedding Hairstyles
  3. Wedding Bouquets
  4. Wedding Decor
  5. Wedding Garlands
  6. Wedding Cakes
  7. Wedding Dresses

  1. Potted Plants may be utilized as centerpieces and can be useful for displaying table numbers and/or place cards for the guests. These potted plants could also be replanted after the wedding.

  1. Be it as part of a wedding’s centerpiece or decor, potted plants may also be designed to be part of a wedding’s decorations. Fragrant plants or aromatic herbs may be placed in hanging containers. Examples of these are lavender and thyme. Citronella also can prove usefulin keeping mosquitoes off because it is an effective repellent.

  1. As for bouquets and garlands, greenery in wedding bouquets provides a simple yet sophisticated look. Because of its natural appearance and minimalism, it has started to become a wedding trend. Seeded eucalyptus, baby’s breath, ranunculus, and other ferns and green herbs may be used in combinations to find the perfect bouquet. Ferns and eucalyptus may also serve as garland for the entourage.

  1. Hairstyles with greenery designs make for an easy way to make the bride-to-be look elegant and stunning. Simple half or full buns could be entwined with simple greens with garden roses to achieve elegance and simplicity. Green wreathes may also be entwined on the head to create a fairy-like impression with or without the presence of small flowers.

  1. Complementary to hairstyles with greenery, the outfits are entirely vital too. The entourage may have identical designs of trinkets on their pockets or bracelets or necklaces made out of simple greens while the groom and the bride wear harmonizing, distinctive accessories also with greenery.

  1. Topping off wedding cake with greenery and flowers creates an astonishing look that blends well with the greenery theme.

  1. The overall aspiration is to fully blend the minimalism and elegance of the wedding with the theme of greenery. As mentioned above, the importance is placed on setting the minimum amount of plants and flowers into each wedding design to achieve a holistic greenery theme. Consider ferns and herbs, potted plants (hung or placed on a table), small flowers, and other decorations that are green in shade.

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