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Benefits of HGH cocktail products

Professional sportspersons including reputed bodybuilders and athletes often take resort to performance enhancing drugs before any sports competition. There are many dietary products that are available online and even in nutritional and health care stores. It is confusing sometimes as to which one is the authentic one or better product among all. HGH products are legally available to public only on providing a prescription from your dietician or doctor. This rule is regulated in most of the countries and otherwise it is considered illicit. When you stack your primary supplement with other strong medications under expert supervision, the results can be enhanced and experienced in a better way.

How to make HGH cocktails?

Hormonal therapies including growth and developmental issues are to be strictly done on consultation with a licensed and legitimate nutritionist. These medications are very strong in their action and can result in serious health damage if misregulated. Growth hormone helps in cellular reproduction and regeneration in all vital organs and body parts. When the hormone is secreted in lesser amounts, it becomes important to uplift the production mechanism of the hormone to carry out crucial biological processes. Synthetic growth hormones help in enhancing the natural secretory power of the human growth hormone as given in the online product descriptions in different websites. They are mostly the patent choice of many reputed weight lifters and athletes for anabolic purposes.

HGH injections and pills do not actually replace the human growth hormone or contains the hormone in the bottles and vials. They contain several active minerals, vitamins, growth factors, L-amino acids and most importantly the advanced blend of natural growth hormone. This is experimentally created with the help of recombinant DNA technology or genetic recombination. The process involves putting together all the necessary genes of the particular hormone into one advanced product, where all the characteristics are trickily modified for the best action.

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When an already altered product is stacked with another strong anabolic hormone like the testosterone, the anabolic effects are all the more boosted up than normal levels. A person starts to experience better and speedy recovery of lean muscles and good ripped physique. HGH cocktails may include the following:

  • Boosters like Testosterone, Deca Durabol or Trenbolone and other anabolic steroids.
  • Extremely high dosages of vitamins and minerals.
  • Endless number of amino acids.

What are the adverse effects of such cocktails?

The cutting cycle for HGH cocktails in order to maximise the effects of growth hormone can be regulated easily under the supervision of dieticians or consulting with professional users. Slight variations in the dosage pattern as given in the online product descriptions can result in negative impacts like:

  • Potentially high levels of bad cholesterol called low density lipoprotein in the bloodstream.
  • Increased joint and muscle pain.
  • Swelling and abnormal growth of hands and feet, often causing acromelagy.
  • Palumboism is a rare disease which generally attacks bodybuilders. It occurs as a sudden and disproportionate growth of an enormous midsection including the trunk, pelvis and ribcage. The oblique muscles get thick walled and abdomen becomes distended resulting in immense pressure on the stomach.


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