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Best HR Tablet Apps For Managing Remote Employees

Are you looking for apps for Android tablets for managing employees? In today’s advanced world, technology has provided employees more flexibility to work from home. This makes it difficult to manage all your employees in-house and remote. Nowadays, there are many apps that will help you in managing your employees. In this write-up, we have focused on some of the apps for you to use.

Let’s take a closer look at the apps that will help you manage your employees.


One of the best Android tablet PC app for communicating with your remote employees is Slack. This is a group messaging app that enables you to easily communicate. It displays allthe conversation in one and integrates with the tools you use. The setting up process of Slack is easy and quick. You can use it without any difficulty as it is user-friendly. With this app, you will just feel like sitting in a room with your employees. This app will help in creating an environment where every employee can stay active. As a result, it will create a stronger bond between the employees.


Another great app for cheap tablets is Evernote. This app lets you gather all the ideas, thoughts and notes into a database. This is why it is a powerful app that will help you in managing your remote employees.

Moreover, you can use this app for collecting the videos, images, messages, and recordings. The apps display them in one place where you can edit them. When you store the fields separately, overtime they get lost. It gets difficult for you to find them. With Evernote, no file will ever get lost. The app’s organization system allows you to access them anytime.


When you have remote employees, you will need to have a source where your employees can have access to the AutoOnline. For this Dropbox app on best cheap tablets is a great choice. Your employees can share and sync data from anywhere and from any device. This allows them to work on any document irrespective of their location.

Furthermore, the Dropbox app is a quick, reliable and safe way to share files. Along with this, you can have strong administrative controls that will protect your business.

Roadmap App

Next app on best tablets that helps in managing remote employees is Roadmap app. It is a very useful app that enables you to keep a track of your employees’ time. This will help in increasing the productivity of your employees. This makes the app crucial for every business.

Therefore, these Android tablets app will help you effectively manage your remote team. With these apps, you can simplify your administrative tasks and easily operate your business. You can create a bond among your team members that will increase the quality of work. Which app do you think is best for managing remote employees? Share your views with us in the comments below.



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