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Best Viewpoints in Porto, Portugal

Do you want to dive into European scenery and expand your horizons of the world? Are you looking for a luxurious place to travel that offers wonderful scenery? Then, Porto in Portugal is the place to travel. There are many places with spectacular views in Porto, and if you’re wondering what is the best way to get around, car rental in Porto is a prime option.

To see Porto in the best possible way, observation decks are the way to go. The first notable one to mention is the Clerigos Tower. It is a dominant landmark in the Porto landscape. The church is attractive and the view from the top of the tower is a generous reward to those who master the long and narrow climb. The entrance ticket is inexpensive, so it is worth enjoying an amazing panoramic view. Although the climb might be a bit of a walk, the views make it a worthwhile climb.

Porto is known for containing many glorious bridges. So evidently, another way to majestically view Porto is on the Ponte de Luis I Bridge. The bridge spans over the massive River Douro and is easily accessible for the pedestrians. The views from the bridge is among the most stunning in the world! Many tourists travel back to Porto just for this amazing view from this bridge. There’s also a metro that runs on top of the bridge. It is truly a unique sight.

If you’re looking for a fun way to see Porto, you should do it in the Funicular dos Guindais. The cable car is contemporary and clean; the views are very nice. A 200-year-old industrial funicular will take you across the river and you will be able to see the old town built on the valley side. Walk over the Iron Bridge to the south bank and come through the winding staircase. That is the old town. Overall, it is really picturesque and distinctive.

Last but not least, there is the Miradouro da Vitoria. This spot has a great view. It’s basically an abandoned piece of private property where you can see the Douro River and the D. Luis Bridge. It’s a great place to take pictures. This landmark has been described as a brilliant. You have the benefit of bringing your own drinks, food, and blanket and you can watch the sunset over Porto. Musicians are known to come down and play, locals chat away and couples enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

If you’re looking to escape to a place that contains sights for sore eyes, Porto is the place to visit. It is known to be one of the hottest destinations in Portugal for its memorable significance. When it comes to Porto, there is a ton to boast about. The observation decks mentioned above are some of the top ways to view Porto, but they are not the only ones. There are many other observation decks in Porto, which showcases that there are no limitations when it comes to exploring Porto.


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