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Boat Seat Buyer Guide – How To Select The Best Materials

Why Select The Right Materials

When you consider a sailing vessel, the seats of the boat are an essential component. No matter what purpose you use your boat for, for instance for fishing, sunbathing, leisure, sporting, or transportation, it is necessary that your boat seat is suitable for the purpose.

As with other parts of your boat, the seats are also exposed to harsh environmental conditions which are capable of wearing down the structure and integrity of the seating material. Therefore it is always best to invest in good quality material.

Damaged seats have a significant impact in reducing the overall value of your boat; hence proper selection of materials, correct installation and proper maintenance will help you protect your asset and ensure its longevity.

Seat fabric material

The boat upholstery is a central part of the boat seats. Although it is widely used, it is not found all the time but having the cushioning support would add to the comfort of the passenger. There are many different types of materials used for upholstery and cushioning. These should be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions they will be exposed to.

Marine grade vinyl is the most widely used which includes nylon, and other products include treated leather and various high-grade fabrics. Your boat seats need to be durable and heavy-duty; a UES helm seat is independently tested and certified in compliance with IMO HSC Code 2000 Annex 10 and premium quality — definitely the way to go!


The most common types of materials used in frames of boat seats are either wood-based or stainless steel. Fibreglass is used in slightly lesser frequency but has been catching up during the last few years. Most of the luxury boats tend to feature premium quality timber such as teak wood to get a more luxurious feel.

In the instance, steel frames are used it is important that it is stainless steel to prevent rusting as the process of rust faster in marine environments. Marine grade plywood is also a good alternative provided it is waterproof and pressure treated. Still, marine grade plywood needs to be kept as dry as possible to ensure it does not rot due to moisture accumulation.


The foam is an important part of defining the firmness and comfort of marine seats. Firmness is created by the surface feel of the foam, and the support is offered due to the ability of the foam o push back against the weight applied to it.

When you are choosing a foam, the aspects which you need to consider are the thickness, weight which is expected to be applied and the purpose of use.


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