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Broadfork: here’s how a worthy alternative to shovel looks like

Thinking of buying a rototiller to do the work around your farmland? Put your thoughts on hold for awhile; with the tools we are going to introduce you there’ll be no need in using an appliance of that kind.

Although, modern world is hard to imagine without means of technical assistance, ‘human driven’ equipment still comes into use by majority of planet’s inhabitants. Naturally, there’s not always opportunity to power up a field engine and do the job the easiest way. Assuming, no one would hire an agrimotor to just aerate his/her three hundred square meters backyard. The lack of space wouldn’t simply allow for doing it, which just proves u bar garden tool is sometimes the only option to apply for.

What makes it better than a regular garden tool?

To begin with, a broadfork is specially designed to save a great deal of your time and energy. In contrast to a shovel it creates no pressure on your back or arms. One doesn’t need to lift a tool in the air with a heap of soil on it; everything’s done with the minimum efforts applied. The broadfork not just digs up the ground but loosens it. Thus, you won’t have to go one additional round and break the large clods that your shovel tends to leave. It just makes your garden look beautiful with the very first attempt. All you need to do is rock back and forth on your fork and force it to work up soil of practically any type or constancy.

Range of models to choose from


This model is an absolutely brilliant decision foreveryone dealing with loosening land and eliminating weeds. Its width in combination with adjustable tines allows for significant expanding of the cultivated area. Besides, the unique design makes it possible to predominantly work with your arms and legs and minimize the load on your spine. The metal frame is both sturdy and easy to handle. A light weight multiplied by the highest material quality makes it just an irreplaceable homestead assistant.


Aside the regular digging, this sturdy instrument is also capable of fulfilling the more complex tasks, such as aerating and weeding. Unlike a garden shovel, which digs no deeper than 6 inch, the tool on review can reach the amazing 12 inch and pull out the plants’ roots entirely. It is suited for practically any type of soil, offering the highest level of usability and working efficiency. Lots of satisfied customers’ reviews state it can be used throughout the whole garden season.


People who grow vegetables will, no doubt, find this instrument extremely helpful. It is suitable for all sorts of arable works and offers a simply unmatched speed when digging the channel width. When used for weeding needs it just makes all the root systems come up to surface. And should one omit the fact it requires some heavy weight to be operated, it can easily be regarded as the best model on the market!


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