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Cannabis Reduces Morning Sickness in Pregnant Mothers – Is it Safe?

As any expectant mother will testify, the suffering experienced with bouts of morning sickness can be too much to bare for many. While there is anti-nausea medication available, the effects of this medication can vary from person to person, and they can cause other side effects. Cannabis has been talked about as a viable alternative to the traditional methods. But is it safe? And does it produce the required therapeutic benefit without any side effects?

Many mothers believe that taking cannabis is safer for them than normal medication. Whilst this idea is a little bit controversial, there have been studies that point to the fact that marijuana can reduce bouts of sickness. This is despite the AMA (American Medical Association) coming out publicly by saying that taking cannabis during pregnancy is dangerous. This group have been pushing to include warnings on all medicinal and recreational marijuana sold saying that it is not suitable for people who are pregnant. The AMA pointed to the fact that mothers who used cannabis while pregnant harmed their children because many children were born with attention problems. Obviously, cannabis cannot be directly attributed to this attention problem, but the AMA said it did contribute the problem.

On average, it is thought that only 2-5{cd01305ab2721fd43c16ff036ef4f7cf719d3bcd28c83c0a9abd1469c0f603e2} use cannabis while pregnant. This is still relatively low compared to users of traditional anti-sickness medication. This figure is expected to be higher because many mothers wouldn’t want to admit in a survey that they used cannabis because of the taboo that still unfairly hangs around its usage.

Pro marijuana lobbyists said that if pregnant mothers were going to use cannabis for bouts of morning sickness to get their supply from a reputable medicinal marijuana dispensary. If you were to buy it on the street, there would be no knowing what is inside the drug, which could have damaging effects to the mother and their unborn child.

What is clear, is that more studies need to be completed to see if pregnant women can use marijuana to treat morning sickness. Colorado is seen as the most relaxed state when it comes to marijuana. They recently raised concerns that there has been a distinct lack of evidence either way which can truly say that cannabis is safe to be used during pregnancy. The state seems to air on the side of caution by saying that there is no safe level of THC for a mother to consume. They even went as far as to publish a poster which had the line – “Marijuana is now legal for those of us 21 and over. But this doesn’t mean using cannabis is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers”. It finishes the poster by saying “There is no known safe amount of marijuana you can use during pregnancy”. We believe this advice should be followed until conclusive studies have been completed which prove the safety of cannabis for mother and baby.


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