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Crowdfunding for Emergencies

Anyone who has ever undergone, or had a loved one go through a serious medical condition or an accident would know how expensive it is to get treatment. So much so, that even people who are covered under medical insurance find it incredibly difficult to pay the entire expense. When financial troubles such as these arise, is when you realize the value of every rupee, and how the smallest sum of money can make such a huge difference to a person’s life.

A person may spend years saving up money to secure a future for his/her family, but within moments it is all gone, for emergency medical treatment comes at a heavy cost. Urgent medical treatments are those that have to be performed within 48 hours. The medical condition may even be life threatening. Examples of urgent surgeries include kidney stones, inflamed gallbladder, or cancer of vital organs, and of course physical injuries from accidents.

Accidents and acute medical emergencies are unknown and unexpected, i.e. – needless to say that there is never any time to prepare for such huge medical expenses. Yes, medical insurances may help, but we need to acknowledge the hard truth that majority homes in our country cannot even afford medical insurance. Even if a family does have insurance, some treatments like surgery are so expensive, that the insurance cover is almost never enough. There have been cases that people have lost their lives because of unavailable medical care from lack of funds for emergency treatments.

Besides, the physical trauma suffered by the victim is only one part of it. We often ignore the emotional rollercoaster that family members experience. It is the most painful experience to watch a loved one fighting for his life in a hospital bed, not knowing if he/she will wake up. This is a serious problem faced by many people, and we at Impact Guru would like to address it providing the platform that facilitates a crowdfunding India.

Crowdfunding is great way of raising funds for an urgent surgery or treatment. This is because someone who needs funds urgently, cannot afford to spend time applying for a medical loan and going through days of paperwork before getting it. With crowdfunding, all you have to do is get onto the Impact Guru website, and set up a free fundraising campaign in less than 5 minutes. The path towards encouraging a crowdfunding India can reap the benefits of a debt-free way to raise money quickly and safely. In the past, we’ve been instrumental in providing financial aid to many families in need of funds for emergencies.

We aim to be the pave the way for a crowdfunding India, that is able to overcome any financial trouble, especially when it come to medical causes that saves lives. If you, or anyone you know could use a helping hand in financially trying times, let them know about the beauty of crowdfunding, to help others get help.


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