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Do I Need an App and a Website?

For years there has been little question that having a website is essential for any business, no matter its size. But in the age of the smartphone app, is it essential or should you opt for a combination of the two?

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Important App Stats

There is no doubting the impact that apps have had on the digital ecosystem, with Google and Apple’s platforms achieving a combined download total of more than 113 billion over the course of 2016.

Android remains the biggest single mobile OS in terms of app downloads alone, but iOS is the leader when it comes to the amount of revenue that developers can generate per user on average.

An app has the edge over a website in terms of user engagement, since it is always available on the device and offers an experience over which you have total control. This means that conversion rates in apps are often higher than via browser-based sites.

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Website Considerations

The appropriateness of taking an app-only approach to building a digital presence will depend on a number of factors, including the budget you have available and the nature of your business. In many instances it may be sensible to offer an integrated experience that straddles both platforms. Agencies like, which provides competitive web design in Belfast, will see to it that you can negotiate this minefield smoothly.

The main thing to remember is that you should ensure that whichever route you take, it is primarily determined by the needs and habits of your target audience. If most of your customers visit your site from mobile devices, then creating an app may appeal to them. By using widely available analytics data, decisions like this can be made without the need for guesswork.

Furthermore, you should remember to be flexible and keep on checking to see whether or not your current offerings are acceptable to your customers. Technology trends are constantly changing, and this means that websites and apps alike are evolving to achieve new things, so staying on top of such developments is the best way to remain relevant and competitive.

A website remains the most popular way to promote your organisation online, free from the platform-specific nature of apps. And for the time being you cannot afford to overlook it.


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