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Enjoy your fresh nutritious juice with Samson Welles hydraulic press juicer

Owning a juicer has currently turned into a matter of prestige and a sign of good manners. Eventually, there’s nothing better than a glass of fresh juice in the morning right before going to work. Those who care much of their health know what beneficial effect it causes on your organism and life processes in general. Yet, in order to take the vitamin dose regularly, one needs to have a specially constructed tool that presses a suitable quality juice. Moreover, in what refers to juice extractions, there’s no better device than Samson Welles hydraulic press juicer.

Product’s specifics

To begin with, the model on review is a manually-driven device. The fact it’s electricity independent, surely, provides some visible benefits. One of those is you can use the appliance regardless of place, time or working conditions. The force you create manually forms the pressure of 2 tons and literally extracts every drop from ingredients you use. And there are no things like oxidation or heat emitted by the motor. All the nutrients are preserved in original state and contribute to simply the unmatched quality of produce.

One needs to admit that the metal parts of the juicer are performed of stainless steel. The absence of rust, undoubtedly, causes a positive impact on the final result of the extraction process. In addition, the fact its construction is powder coated makes one believe this is truly the best hydraulic juice press on the market. None of the currently existing machines can create the pressure compared to this device. The remaining pulp comes out utterly dry after being pressed with that level of force. Eventually, doing work like that requires quite a part of physical strength. Yet, the outcome is totally worth it.

Advantages over electrically-driven juicers

As was already mentioned, this model of a juicer presses fruits/vegetables leaving no signs of oxidation. Naturally, the absence of a heat factor greatly contributes to this fact. However, advantages aren’t limited by that very beneficial feature. One of the huge achievements of a manual tool is that it can be operated with practically zero level of noise. Remember how your family members complained about turning the juicer on early in the morning? Your attempts to make fresh nutritious drinks before their leaving for school often went unappreciated. No more things of that kind! With Samson Welles hydraulic presser by your side, you can do this sort of job whenever you wish. None of your kids will be disturbed that way.

Also, the absence of motor and rotating parts helps a lot with washing the appliance. As you have probably guessed, you don’t need to take off every single part to do the cleaning procedure. The model is totally hustle-free: you simply put it under the running water and rinse the construction. Realizing the fact you don’t need to spend half an hour or so at washing/assembling the juicer significantly assists with raising your spirits at the beginning of a day.


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