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How entrepreneurs on the go can incorporate technology for efficiency

The days of executives spending most of their time at a desk are long gone. In today’s fast moving business world, people are more likely to be found out and about, meeting customers and suppliers, and managing projects.

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This has become possible thanks to the growing capabilities of smartphones, tablets and other mobile technology which allow entrepreneurs to keep in touch with their business wherever and whenever they need to.

Of course, even with technology, business travel can still be a burden, so here are some tips to help you get the best out of life on the move.

Travel smart

Business travel can be a costly exercise, but there are ways you can make savings. Price comparison sites, for example, aren’t just for your car insurance. You can use them to make savings on hotels, rail fares and flights too. If you’re visiting a big city, you can also save by using public transport rather than hiring a car.

Making phone calls on the move, especially if you travel overseas, can be costly. But here too, technology can help you out. Using wholesale az voip termination, from a supplier such as can allow you to make VoIP calls via your smartphone, saving on roaming charges.

It’s vital to organise any trip efficiently and keep track of all the things you need to do, connections you need to make and so on. Organiser apps can make sure you don’t forget an important task and help ensure that your business travel is always productive.

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Watch the pennies

While it’s good to make savings, it’s worth remembering that there are some things where cutting corners is ill-advised. If you’re not careful, costs can easily mount up when you’re travelling, but technology can help you stay in control. There are a number of apps available that help you track your spending, even capturing images of receipts and other documents. If you’re travelling by car, there are mileage tracking apps available too.

Using the right credit card can help you too. If you’re a frequent flyer, having a card linked to your favourite airline can help you benefit from discounts and reward schemes. A similar thing applies to hotels, so if you regularly use a particular chain, you can take advantage of discounts and gain perks like room upgrades.


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