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Have fun and enjoy the adventure with the knight’s quest!!

The online casino games have a number of online games that are being played by both the advanced as well as the beginner players. The beginners can prepare themselves by playing for free without spending money. The online casinos offer their users with a number of games including the card games, slot games, board games, etc. The users can get registered with a few websites for playing the game without money.

The Knights quest is a game conjuring of the tales of dragons, brave knights and the fair maidens in an easy to learn game providing fun to the whole game right out of the box. This game is very easy to be played, as the users can learn to play and add twists as well as turns to the game by them. This is done, so as to make the game more adventurous. The users are recommended to play every card with them in their hand and match the number or color of the card of the previous card. The users can make use of the companions, dragons, wizards as well as other special cards that are helpful in improving their chances of winning.

The knight’s quest is a game for 3 to 6 players with an age above 8 years. The users can play the game in 30 minutes or less. This game has been designed for the individuals having interest in card games. Also, this game has gorgeous artwork done by the popular artist of fantasies. This is an adventurous game with 5 reel slots and 20 play lines. This game either juggles the winnings of the player to dizzying heights or simply spoils his luck in the free spins. The aim of the player is to match 3 to 4 symbols along a play line.            

The symbols of the winning pattern start from the left side of the first reel and continue to its right. The symbol of Joker can be used as a substitute for all the symbols, except the symbol of a dragon, i.e. the scatter symbol. The symbols for winning combinations must be next to each other and there must not be any symbol in between them. Below mentioned is a list of features of this game:

  • 15 free spins
  • The juggling jester: there is a question, whether he will keep the ball holding the greatest winnings in his hands or not?
  • Travel to the castle: This gives a spin of the wheel of fortune and multiplies the number of winnings with a bit of luck in this feature.

The users just have to match three or more scatter symbols on any position on the reels, so as to trigger any of the given features.  The Knights quest is a game providing the players with a world full of excitement and danger. The world features a diverse environment, desert temples, fire caverns, mystical forests and many more. This game has been designed with a unique theme and enables the players to feel that no two fields are alike.  


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