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Heating up Hoth

I’m not usually one to complain, I mean, you get to see some interesting things maintaining boilers and the air con for the Rebel alliance but when they said we were getting out of the Planet Yavin for “pastures new” I wasn’t prepared for where we were going next. I get the point, we’d just narrowly avoided being vaporised by the Empire’s Death Star (dodgy exhaust port apparently, I wouldn’t want to be the guy that was responsible for that gig…) so we need to up sticks sharpish after the award ceremony for the lads and Wookie that help blow it up.

 “Ok Reg, into the transport then”, says our Sergeant Dusktrouper. “Righto, Sarge”, says I. “Got far to go have we?”

“Couple of Parsecs. Should be there by tonight”, he responds

“Oh good. Lovely service wasn’t it? Um do you have any idea what the hairy chap was on about at the end?” Now I realise I should have asked for a bit more detail at this point as to where we were going as the Sarge did say I’d be “busy” at the next place.

Well, I like to do me bit. Never let it be said that Reg Garnet Atheson, Boiler and Air con engineer to the rebel alliance has ever shirked his responsibilities. I may not be able to fly an X-Wing down a trench or wield one of those glowing swords about but if you need a warm comfortable room and a thermostat setting I’d like to see one of those fancy Stormtroopers figure that out. Bet there not Corgi registered! They should have searched on the Rebel web for Gloucester Boiler installation like I did. I came across a cracking site . I will definitely be giving these guys a call next time to save myself from more chilblains.

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When we pop out of the old hyperspace, which gives me the old trouble downstairs if you get me meaning I needed to go to the facilities. I notice that we go past some nice temperate planets and head to the outer rim. Now alarm bells start ringing, I bet it’s some Force begotten dump we’ve chosen to hide out in and, what a surprise, I’m right.

“It’s a snow and Ice planet!” a not overly happy me exclaims. “Well, look at it this way Reg, it’s a challenge”, he replies unsympathetically.  “It’s a cracking place to hide”, he goes on, “we’ve scanned it and there aren’t any life forms on it”. “So, we’ll stick out like a sore thumb then!” I countered picking up me tools and stomping off.

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I don’t mind I suppose. Sub-zero temperatures mean I’ve got my hands full. It just goes to show though, you can’t take the little things like boiler care for granted. Yes, the Ion Cannon’s up and running but that’s no good if you’re a block of ice in your quarters.


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