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How high should your desk be?

No matter whether you work at home or in an office, if you have a corner or a straight desk, there is one thing that remains very important in order to work comfortably – the height of your workbench.

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While many roles will require you to be out and about in meetings, the likelihood is that you will need to spend solid chunks of time sitting at a desk while you do drawings or carry out work on a computer. As such, getting your workspace just right is a great way to improve your productivity.

Why is desk height so important?

Working at a desk that is the wrong height can be very uncomfortable, but it can also pose serious health risks like bad posture, chronic back pain, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Although there is a mentality in the workplace that “one size fits all”, ergonomic experts strongly argue that is not the case (seeĀ As such, making the right adjustments to your desk height can maintain your health and result in a better all-round work experience.

Desk height adjustments at work

If you work in an office and find that your desk space is starting to get in the way of your efficiency, you must not sit back and ignore these signs. Most large companies will offer you a workspace assessment as part of your Health and Safety induction, but if your circumstances change then you should get in touch with your H&S team immediately.

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They may suggest changing the height of your chair (with orthopaedic back cushions and adjustable footrests normally available) or raising the height of your screen, but if these small alterations do not rectify the situation then they may need to consider sourcing you an alternative desk. A bespoke commercial desk can be found at, for example.

Desk height at your home office

If you are self-employed and have set up an office in your existing living space or one of your spare rooms, it is important to consider the height of your desk rather than simply using furniture you already have. This can be particularly hard if you and your partner work from home, as one size most certainly does not fit all, but your health and comfort is a good investment, especially if you want your career to succeed.


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