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How Much Is Too Much?: How To Stop Violence In A Relationship

When a man and woman start dating, sooner or later, they will end up in a relationship. Afterward, being a family usually becomes the ideal goal. But what if there are circumstances that may turn that dream into a nightmare? Drug-related problems, financial instability, peer pressure, etc. are just some of those facts that can make it dreadful. What’s worse is that children can still be born even when those factors are present.

These kids can then grow up in an environment that isn’t conducive to nurture and care. Children tend to see things differently. Sadly, this is the true nature of it, and as they grow up, they might just repeat this cycle.

But what if a parent recognizes the problem before everything else is too late? Can the parent still fix an almost broken relationship? Ariana Grande once sang “Almost is never enough”, so here are some ways to fix a failing relationship.


Communication is the biggest thing a couple can do to save a relationship. Even if the end product of it is by being apart, nothing can be much better than a potential physical confrontation. Talk and smooth things out. Talking is also the easiest way to solve a problem that couples often disregard. Hear each other out.


Solving a problem does not only require talking and planning. It also requires commitment. If a couple wants to end problems, then both of them should be motivated and sincere to the cause. Walk the talk so that a problem can be solved together.


If children are already involved, make them be part of the reason to fix a relationship. Show them that you both are committed to the cause. Domestic violence and incessant arguing can permanently scar children for life. This experience is the reason why children are more likely to become violent when they grow up when starting a relationship of their own.

If the unimaginable happens and injuries occur, it’s a signal that it usually is time to go separate ways. There is no room for violence in a relationship. Problems should be handled with care, not by fists and kicks. It is a saddening trend that domestic violence continues to rise.

Many people tolerate abuse because they think it might be the end of their family if the other party does not tolerate it. They fail to realize that a relationship with their children, family, and friends are just waiting for them. If ever this happens, a victim should immediately get help from police, lawyers, or even family members. Never be afraid to speak out.


It’s everyone’s dream to start a family. A family wherein values are prominent, and a nurturing embrace is present for every member. Sadly, a lot of people end up being in a nightmare rather than a dream. What’s worse is that their children becomes involved in the situation. If things become too late, then the children inherit the problems, and the cycle goes on.

Violence is never the answer. Relationships should practice acceptance and understanding. Communication is important. Commitments must be followed up, and love for each other should be the reason for everything.

A relationship is not a one-sided affair. It is always the one and the other involved. A relationship will never work if one doesn’t cooperate. If all else fails, always admit it to yourself that it won’t work out. Seek help from professionals like those divorce lawyers in Texas.

Don’t prolong the problem. Solve it while it’s early. Never let it reach to a point where it’s all too late.


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