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How secure is TOR Browser to Access the Dark Web?

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Even though you are able to visit over a million websites on the internet, these only form about 4% of the total web reach. The rest 96% of the web is well hidden and is inaccessible by normal web browsers because of these dark websites being unindexed. This part of the internet is called as the Deep Web. However, you can still access these websites using the Tor Browser.

What is a Tor browser?

The Tor Browser was developed with an aim to conceal people’s identity while surfing the web. The online traffic is moved around different remote servers on the Tor Network to ensure that your original identity is always disguised on the internet. Anyone trying to track your identity or location will only see the internet traffic coming from random nodes across the world rather from your real location.

What is Dark Web?

The Dark web is a small part of the deep web that constitutes a number of small, peer-to-peer networks organized by Individuals and public organizations. The Dark web houses some of the worst criminal activities you can find anywhere on the internet such as hiring of kidnappers and assassins, illegal weapon trading, drug trafficking, online hackers and sharing of child pornography among others.

How to install the Tor Browser and use it to Access the Dark Web?

The Tor Browser is available as a free download on numerous websites across the internet. However, as the Tor Browser is open source software, people can add backloads in the software itself. This is why it is advisable to download the Tor Browser from their official website itself.

  • Launching the Tor Browser: Once the Tor Browser is downloaded to your device, you can launch the Tor Browser using the shortcut icon itself. You do not need to install the software on your device to use it. If you are using a Mac OS, you would need to drag the .dmg file to the Applications folder in order to launch the browser.
  • Connecting to the Tor Network: The Tor browser will try to connect to the Tor Network automatically once you launch the software using the preconfigured settings.
  • Accessing the Dark Web: You can search the hidden wiki directories for website links for the ones you need to visit. Or you can visit . Here you will find all deep web links in a categorized way. However, you will need to be cautious while accessing the dark web because if caught taking part in criminal activities, you could be in real danger.

How safe is it to access the Dark web?

The Dark web is home to a number of criminal activities. The US Government keeps a close eye on people accessing the Dark web and anyone caught in illicit activities on the Dark web are punished severely. Therefore, it is advised to be cautious while visiting the Dark web.


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