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How to Avoid Crowds and Visit James Bond Island

This beautifully shaped island is formally known as Koh Tapu;however, across the globe,it is famous as James Bond Island, which became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. This is not only due to beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches,and stunning scenery; the name which it got was due to the cinema when the famous British actor Roger Moore came here for the filming of The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974.

Extremely popular, the place welcomes tons of visitors every year. However, there is a trick though to avoid the crowds and listed below are a few of them.

  • Find yourself an Excellent Local Guide: If you want a private tour of the James Bond Island, abstain from attaching with traveller groups. Instead, find a good local guide, who will be able to arrange the maps, boats and other necessity for your James Bond island tour.
  • Plan a Dawn Visit: The best time to visit any famous spot is either very late in the evening or at sunrise; in this case, as the island is most splendid sopping in sunlight, a pre-dawn trip will be most rewarding.
  • Check in When the Island Undisturbed: Arriving early in the morning on the James Bond Island means, you will not find the usualexcitement, there will be a couple of visitors sweeping up around the souvenir stalls and the ticket window will remain closed. Search for the isthmus that runs to the other side of the island, between two tops there, you can mess the two well-known karsts that were featured in the movie.
  • Spend Time Relaxing On the Beach:Relish being the main guests at a site that would some way or another overflow with heaps of travellers. Enjoy the early morning sun, take a seat on the shoreline unwind and perhaps feel like James Bond.


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