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How to Choose the Right Clothing for Your Body Type

Some people have a triangular body type, and others are more rectangular. Hourglass and circular body types are common as well. A dress may look great on display, but that doesn’t mean it will look as good when you wear it. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body, clothing should not highlight your mid-section and waist. Good choices include V-neck tops and wrap/A-line dresses, but avoid double-breasted jackets, skinny jeans, or a belt around the waist.

A body with a pear shape is one that you may prefer to highlight the shoulders. This provides balance to the shape, and you can use colorful necklaces and scarves to do the trick. Wear tops that make the shoulders appear broader, including patterned tops. Tight pants, on the other hand, won’t give you the desired look, but dark, solid colors for your bottom half (and bright colors on top) will.

Using Clothing to Add Curves

If you have a rectangular body shape, waist belts help to accentuate this area. You should also consider tops that end at the middle of your hips, and ruffled/pleated tops that fluff up your shoulders. Also, you could give yourself an hourglass look with peplum jackets, dresses, and tops. If you have an hourglass body, you want to highlight the curves you have, and your waist as well. Baggy clothing should be avoided, but make sure to wear undergarments that fit properly; pencil skirts and V-neck tops also work.

More Tips About Clothing Choice and Body Type

The shape of your body depends on the areas you want to highlight. In choosing what you wear, don’t always try to match the latest fashion trends. It’s more about you, and what fits right. The clothing you choose will be different if you have an inverted triangle, neat hour glass, or full hour glass body. There’s no perfect shape, but the neat hourglass is often considered to be the most balanced; it has a defined bust, in-line shoulders and hips, a waist even with the stomach, and a curved bottom.

When choosing clothing, it’s the whole picture you should focus on, not just one area. It’s not hard to analyze one’s body shape. The easiest way to assess it is to stand straight up, legs together, and arms away from the sides; there are many basic sketches to compare your shape to. You can then measure your scale and proportion to determine the best fitting clothing to wear.

Once you identify the garments that fit you best, it’s time to shop around. Great deals can be found all over the Web. Choose a neat dress or an I love the smell of sawdust in the morning shirt to maximize your comfort, appearance, and individuality.



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