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How to dress right and enjoy in winters

Winters are a favorite season for many. Those hot cups of coffee, being cozy inside the blankets, hot water bath and because of all such stuff, people crave for winters. Winters are soothing and relaxing, but one thing which people can’t find easy in winters is perfectly dressing up. Dressing up in winters effectively is very important as you may catch a cold immediately if you are not properly dressed.

Dressing up properly in winters does not mean to just pile up with clothes. You can look stylish, stay warm and enjoy winters. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Wear winter accessories like mufflers and stoles – You can wear mufflers and stoles around your neck in a stylish way and make your outfit look glamorous. Wearing stoles and mufflers look great, as they act as major protectors during winter. Your neck is always covered up in this manner. Scarves and neck warmers can’t be neglected in winters.Image result for How to dress right and enjoy in winters
  2. Go for various layers – Always wear different layers of clothing in winters, but elegantly. Wear shirts over sweaters and try blazers and hoodies over pullovers. In this way, you can be covered up with many layers and stay warm. Also, your outfit will not look boring. Denim and all sorts of winter jackets are a must for layering. You can buy beautiful pullovers from Vero Moda at good prices.
  3. Wear Boots – Wearing boots as footwear is one of the best options to dress up right and enjoy in winters. Boots are extremely stylish footwear, and they are very durable too. They help you stay warm and maintain your feet to stay in normal temperatures as they are water and wind proof.
  4. Try the add-ons – You must wear winter add-ons to stay protective and warm. Add-ons mean the caps, gloves, ear cuffs, socks, etc. They will not let you shiver and go numb in winters. They are immensely helpful and highly recommended. If you cover your ears and feet properly, you won’t shiver at all in winters.
  5. Choose the clothes with thermal lining – Thermal garments are very effective to keep you warm in winters. Thermal clothing is an awesome and decent choice as a garment in the winter season. Go for pants which have a thermal lining, thermal inner wears, and also preferably thermal sweaters.
  6. Wear loose sweaters – There is a scientific reason for why you should go for loose sweaters. Loose sweaters and loose clothing allow more insulation and trap more heat as compared to tight fitted clothes. That is why the knitted sweaters are most recommended, as they are not body hugging and also trap more heat. Loose sweaters are available online. Men can buy stylish loose sweaters from Jack and Jones.

These were some of the basic and easiest ways in which you can stay warm and stylish in winters, at the same time. People generally can’t enjoy or go on trips in winters because they don’t know the correct technique to protect themselves from chilly winds. The above ways are enough to protect you and help you enjoy your winters.


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