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How to Get the Most from a Reclamation Yard

If you’re looking for an unusual piece of furniture or a unique accessory for your home or garden, reclamation yards are often the best places to browse. They are full of pieces with potential. Provided you’ve got an open mind and are willing to clean things up and refurbish them to fulfil your purpose, architectural salvage items and reclamation yards can offer you lots of lovely things.

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It can be daunting to know how to approach shopping at reclamation yards, which are often filled with such a variety of items that you don’t know whether it’s garden designers with a penchant for old telephone boxes or homeowners looking for kitsch kitchen storage that you’ll meet browsing at the same time.

Think Outside the Box

Be open-minded when trawling through reclamation yards, because whoever has salvaged the bits and pieces on offer is probably expecting to see their suitcases reused as bedside tables or doors destined to become table tops.

Keep an eye out for pieces that you could be broken down into their raw materials or converted for your purpose, and look for signs of quality craftsmanship so you can be more confident that your choice will stand up to sanding or whatever treatment you need to bring it back to life. Homes and Antiques magazine says hunting out unusual pieces of salvage is the best way to add some individual flair to your home.

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It isn’t always possible to restore what you find to its original purpose, but it could be changed into something new. Sometimes you’ll need a specialist tradesperson to help you, especially when it comes to reclaimed light fittings or antique radiators. If you’re looking for a Reclamation Yard Ireland has a good number, including, which specialises in architectural salvage as well as new pieces inspired by antiques

Sealing the Deal

Before you buy, make sure the pieces you’ve chosen will fit in the space you’ve got, and take along a note of the dimensions you’re looking to fill and a tape measure to check.

Even if you can’t take the piece away straight away, paying a deposit will ensure you don’t lose out on something you like, and paying in cash is often a way to help secure the best price.


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