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How to grow weed like a Pro in 5 easy steps – a 5-minute guide

It is definitely a welcoming weather for all you weed lovers. So, why not take advantage of it, and move your attention towards cultivating your cannabis instead of simply rolling joints. Most of the hobbyist often pose the question that how to grow weed? Therefore this write-up will proceed with the sole aim of making weed growing task easy and hassle-free for all you amateur enthusiasts.

Well, it’s called “weed” for a specific reason; it grows easily, and anywhere. Having said that, another thing that you have to be aware of is that weed is a flowering plant. So technically, it bears fruit only once a year, that too during the fall season.

Furthermore, to cultivate a healthy and strong specimen or something like weed AK47, you have to expose the seedling to sunlight for at least 16 hours a day. And you must allow a young sapling to grow for a minimum of four to six weeks before it flowers a premium marijuana bud.

How to grow weed in 5 easy steps

A premium quality weed requires a good supply of light, air, water, temperature, and growing medium. And this, along with proper care, can develop some of the best weed that you have ever tried. So are you ready to cultivate?

  1. Choose an appropriate place to grow; just select any spare field or room with good lighting and temperature. And get going!
  2. Choose your medium of light wisely; the best medium, no doubt, remains the sun. But one can also opt for LED or fluorescent lights in case of the indoor plantation.
  3. Select a growing medium; there are various ways of growing, one could use soil, soilless mix, hydroponics or any other. But remember, each medium requires different techniques, care, and water level. So choose your medium wisely.
  4. WOO HOO!! Get ready to grow;
  • Now, gently place weed seeds in moist ground, one inch deep
  • Cover with a plate to lock in moisture, and wait for the first leaves to shoot up
  • As the bud starts forming, reduce the duration of light exposure to 12 hours a day.
  1. Dry and cure them once harvested. Once dried, cure the buds to taste and smell some best effects.

Now, hopefully, you have understood how to grow weed properly. So, now is the right time to introduce to you one of the finest quality weed available in the market; AK 47.

Reviewing the Best

Yes! You heard it right. Maybe the name resembles a Russian rifle because weed AK47 gives a similar “shot” after consumption. Furthermore, it’s considered so extraordinarily bliss also because it serves a plethora of medical conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, pain, etc. due to its long lasting cerebral buzz. Apart from that, its outstanding smell serves the rest.

The cultivation of weed AK47 is mostly similar to other weeds only. But it’s best suited for indoors and gives out lesser leaves than usual. But when exposed to a generous amount of sunlight for nine weeks, it is famous for giving a massive amount of buds. For each square meter, you can procure around 400g to 500g. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation.


In summation, if you play all your cards right then the question, how to grow weed would not harass you anymore. So, get close to nature and enjoy your own grown weed this season.


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