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How to organize the perfect class reunion?

Every 5 or 10 years, people like to get together and share one more time with their old friends from school. This is a very common way of celebrating each other’s life and events. The bonds that once tied them in High School are usually still there, and guests can have an excellent time sharing and having a laugh together.

If you are planning a reunion to share memories and reconnect with old friends, here are some tips to organize the event and have everybody enjoying themselves.

  1. Create a committee

Don’t underestimate the task of organizing a reunion. The first step is to create the group of hands that are going to help you. Try to select people who you know are going to be there to help. Proactive people that are willing to go that extra mile is the best. Share your work with people you can trust. Those who will be helpful and share their creativity in planning and solving problems are sure to be the best team.

Once the committee is created, make sure responsibilities are equally shared. Remember to assign responsibilities according to the strength and possibilities of each individual. This way you make sure everybody has the chance of doing their best.

  1. Plan the reunion with enough time

From booking the place to letting everybody know about it. These things take time. It is better if you start planning one year before. Trying to get the contact number or email of a whole class can be a challenge if many years have passed. Some people may now live very far away from the place you want to plan the reunion. It is necessary to give these people enough time to plan their trip if they are considering attending the reunion.

  1. Think of a budget

For reunions, there is usually a fee to be charged to cover the expenses of food, drinks and the rent of any equipment in the place. It is good to discuss this fee with the committee and decide on a regular price that everybody can afford.

Some companies may be willing to collaborate with the reunion in exchange of advertisement of some sort. Explore this option and see what you can get from the big companies in your city or the city of the reunion.

  1. Games, t-shirts, and cards

If the time has passed since you all finished high school, it may be necessary to plan some activities to break the ice and get everybody talking and sharing. You can assign some people on the committee to think of games and contests for people to have some fun. It is also a good idea to offer some t-shirts to those guests who want an extra souvenir.

It may also be necessary to design some id cards with the name of the guest because some faces may have changed. If you want to include an old picture from the yearbook and a novelty lanyard you can have there a fun way of telling people who the other person is.

  1. Meet with the committee on a monthly basis

Even if little is done during the month, it is good to keep in touch to share information about the progress of the reunion and also to stay motivated. Since you are planning one year, it may be difficult to stay focused on the task. This is what the monthly meetings are for. If meetings are too difficult, you can also have them in a conference call or video. The idea is to talk about the plan and share the details.

  1. Enjoy it

Remember you are doing this to see your friends again, to have fun and to share with them. There is no need of overthinking things and getting all stressed out. That is why having a reliable and proactive team is so important. Tasks have to be shared and accomplished individually towards a common goal.

These are some of the tips to be taken into account if you want to plan a class reunion. There will be plenty of things to do and details to be executed. Having the right team and motivation can help you organize the reunion of a lifetime.


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