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This is the Most Important Thing To Consider Before Buying a New Bed

Does the size of a bed matter? What comfort will it bring to the user?

If you haven’t tried purchasing a bed or if this is the first time in a million years that you are buying a bed again, keep reading. It is easier for you to get a bargain on a good purchase if you are aware of the size of the bed that you need. Yes, the size of the bed matters.

Choosing a size for mattresses are necessary. Picking a size is difficult because of the things that need a lot of consideration. For example, the comfort that a bed will bring to a person is a factor. Keep in mind that the size of the bed that you buy can give you a comfortable sleep.

Finding a bed that fits your needs in achieving a good night sleep is crucial. Most of the time, the beds with the perfect size and are good in giving comfort are expensive.

Also, there is a need to consider the space where you are placing the bed. Would a king sized bed fit in 10 feet by 12 feet bedroom? Lastly, know if the size fits perfectly with your body size or your partner’s size.

The Kinds and The Sizes

A single mattress can be considered as the smallest size and would be perfect for small apartments with tight spaces. With a measurement of 38” x 75”, this bed size is ideal for small sized adults or growing children. This type of bed size is also attractive for teenagers. These are the beds found in most university and college dormitories.

A double mattress or full bed is perfect for growing children and teens. Considering the size of a 53” x 75”, this bed size is wider than most single sized beds. The downgrade for this type of bed is that it is only good for people that are 5’5” tall. This bed size would be a disadvantage for most male users.

The queen sized mattress is the perfect bed for both couples and singles. Queen sized beds have a perfect size of 60” x 80” which makes it comfortable for a couple who loves to kiss and snuggle. It is also ideal for single people who want enough space to accommodate their restlessness in bed. This type of bed is perfect for guest rooms and master’s bedrooms.

King sized mattress will give an individual the comfort similar to that of royalty. However, for couples, it is the bed size that will provide both spaces for couple’s personal sleeping time. The king mattress size is 76” x 80” that makes it 18 inches wider compared to the queen. It also gives the owner enough room to roll over and sprawl while sleeping.

For the comfort of taller people, the California King Bed is getting its job done. Compared to the king sized mattress, this one is larger with a size of 72” x 84”. Though both of the king sized bed brings comfort, both also require bigger spaces to fit in. A good example of a king sized mattress is the Sealy King Single Mattress.

The Height

Other than the standard length and width of a mattress, the height of a bed varies. To determine the distance of the bed from the floor, the distance of the mattress and the box springs, combined with the height of the bed frame is necessary.

The average bed height is around 25 inches, which lets an adult sit on the bed while their feet touch the floor, compared to an antique bed, which has a height of 36 inches. All modern platforms have at least 18 inches which are lower than the average height.

Current platforms can sometimes be uncomfortable for sitting because it is lower compared to the average. However, the height of the bed could still differ considering the height and age of the individual that will use it.


There are different types of beds. Bed sizes are often not given priority. The sizes of bed that you choose will provide you enough comfort for the length of the time that you will use the bed. Considering and knowing the best size for you will help you land the support that a bed should have.

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