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Intelligent Airfield Lighting Solution Makes the Airport Safer

The aviation industry is witnessing huge growth, which means the air traffic is increasing more than most of the airports can handle at the present condition. As per the reports on the paper by next 15 years, most of the regions will face around 50 percentage of shortage in their capacity to handle the air traffic. Air travelers are pressing for the increase in airport capacity and enhance their air travel experience, which is the biggest challenge today faced by many airports.

Australia, in this case, has taken the initiative of upgrading the existing operational systems that can meet all the challenges and will save a lot of money needed to construct a new infrastructure. For people, it is easy to say construct new infrastructures to increase the capacity, but to enhance the safety of the air travelers it is necessary to improve the technology used in Air traffic Control.

Airfield lighting solution is the heart of the whole operation and it is essential to upgrade the old systems to the latest technologies that are very intelligent and increase the efficiency and safety of airfield operations. Intelligent airfield lighting Australia has the capability of controlling the whole airfield lighting as per the surveillance and aircraft tracking system. It actually improves the efficiency in directing an aircraft from landing to parking regardless of the weather condition.

Air Traffic Control is a very complex process and intelligent airfield lighting solutions actually improve the safety of the traffic flows. Today latest technology has helped in developing advanced Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems that can be integrated with the present infrastructure of the airport and provides accurate information to ATC and pilots to ensure maximum safety and also to help in handling the maximum number of movements.

Light for Safety

The latest intelligent airfield lighting system has a unique and efficient way to manage the air traffic. When aircrafts are guided to and from the gates green lights are illuminated through taxiway lights to guide the pilot through the right path. This procedure is called “Follow the Greens” where automatically the center-line lights are illuminated to guide the flight crew and lights of other segments are switched off.

Save Time

When the airport is small the real use of intelligent airfield lighting system does not seem that worthy but when the airport is bigger having complex layouts of taxiways only automated intelligent lightings can provide the right information to ATC and help in saving time in taxiways. Automated lightings also enhance the safety of the airfield by providing accurate information about all incoming and outgoing aircrafts.

Today to acquire superior airport performance, which is the need of the time, leading providers of such intelligent airfield lighting solutions should be approached. Only these kinds of solutions can improve the efficiency, increase the safety of the airports.


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