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How to Keep Your Work Van Organised

For any professional trades person, their work used cars is much more than four tires and an engine; it is a portable office. Whether you are a contractor or plumber, your work van plays a crucial role in your work. It transports all the tools, equipment and parts required for your day job. Buy your Van from CarSite

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Knowing how to sort your work van to create a portable storage system will save you countless hours in gathering and finding equipment for the job. Here is a list of tips to help keep your work van organised.

Create a Base

In a similar way to building a house, a solid foundation is a fundamental part of constructing an effective storage system.

For van lining, enquire with a company such as

Remember to store larger items such as generators and air compressors on the floor of the van and leave space at the top for small items. This will maximise space and help when lifting heavier items.

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Store Vertically

Stack items vertically inside your van, and sort equipment based on size. Installing hooks and a pegboard is useful for hanging power and hand tools.

Stackable tool storage bins and containers are excellent solutions for keeping small repair parts organised. Hanging poles along the length of the van is helpful for suspending lightweight items such as extension cords and utilising your van’s ceiling space.

Location is Essential

Think about how you use your tools to determine where they are stored. The space around your van doors should be saved for your most frequently used tools, such as tool belts; hang a hook near your van’s door for easy access.

Remember to also ensure your van is secure against thieves, as the estimated value of stolen tools in the UK reaches £94.5 million a year.

Utilise the Doors

The interior of your van door presents another opportunity to maximise storage. Use magnetised stripping as an effective solution to hang metal hand tools such as tape measures, pliers and hammers.

Your van can easily become messy by the end of the day with wrappers from lunch, debris from the job, and dirt tracked in on muddy boots. Store bin bags, a bin and sanitising wipes inside your van to keep it clear and clean from clutter.


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