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What kind of footwear Will you wear this Autumn?

Footwear in an accessory we need to take into account when combining our looks, although most of times we don’t pay the proper attention to this detail.

Fashion trends change every year, so accessories do the same. In this case, this autumn there is a wide variety of footwear to choose. From thigh boots (musketeer kind) to the possibility to buy women’s espadrilles, which are a very comfortable footwear. Additionally, shopping online makes you feel more relaxed, with no pressures of any kind.

Many different trends that you will be able to combine with formal or bold looks will be worn this season. We mainly recommend:

#1 Musketeer boots:

These are a kind of boots which length is over the knee and its name come from the well-known “three musketeers”. These boots are elegant, but also flashy.

You can use them in many different occasions such as combined with skinny pantsor evena tight skirt. This last outfit is bolder and it fits better to a party night.

#2 Shoes with details:

This is the kind of footwear we use every day for an informal look. Shoes are a piece of clothing we always have in our wardrobe and we usually have different models and colours. This season, shoes with details to make them more attractive will be really trendy.

When we talk about details, we mean different patches or pings to give some colour and originality to our shoes. Here we can also talk about espadrilles because we often use them because of their comfort.

#3 Metallic shoes

We usually wear Oxford style shoes when we want a formal look to go to work or meeting with friends. This fashion has become really trendy and, despite its formal look, this metallic tone provides a flashy and interesting look.

In addition to Oxford style shoes, we can find this trend in many other pieces of footwear such as platforms or high heel shoes.

#4 Velvet shoes

If you already have this kind of shoes in your wardrobe, it is time to get it back again. It is said that fashion always come back, and it is so true. Velvet is a trend we see more and more and not only in footwear, but also in clothes.

The trendiest piece of footwear this autumn will be velvet ankle-boots, which combined with jeans give as a result a perfect look.

#5 Transparent heels

A new trend that has meant a surprise is the transparent heel. This summer we were able to see some characteristics in shoes with heels that were transparent.

The new fashion of this autumn are ankle-boots (black most of the times) with a transparent heel that combines in a perfect way with almost any look. Do you dare?



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