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Why laminate flooring is a good idea for your kitchen

When considering a new floor for your kitchen, you may think that you need to strike a balance between something beautiful, such natural wood or stone, and something that is practical in a high-traffic area such as the kitchen, where spills are inevitable. In reality, there is an option that meets all these needs in one: laminate.

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Laminate kitchen floors


When you think of laminate, you may think of wood-effect flooring. Wood-effect laminate is a great option; however, laminate comes in a range of designs, including slate, stone or tile-effect.

Laminate has several advantages over the ‘real thing’, but perhaps the most obvious is price. Laminate kitchen floor is usually a fraction of the cost of wood or stone, yet it looks great. While wooden floors can be hard to take care of, such as waxing or re-sanding, you do not have this issue with laminate. It is really easy to keep clean. The Independent recently reviewed vacuum cleaners and recommended several for laminate floors (authority url:).

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How is laminate made?


The word ‘laminate’ can be used to mean two things. The first is to describe layers of material that are built up; the second is to enclose something in a protective covering. Both are true of laminate floors, which comprise four layers.

On the bottom is the backing, which a waterproof layer that will help to stop the laminate buckling if it gets wet. The core is made of fibreboard and it is the quality of the fibreboard that determines the end price of your flooring. To ensure that you get the best quality laminate flooring, choose a reputable supplier such as The third layer is the design layer. This is a printed layer that gives the look of wood, stone or metal to the laminate. Over the top of this is the wear-resistant layer. These can have different properties to make a longer-lasting floor and can even be treated with coatings that have bacteria fighting properties.

Not only does laminate look great but also it is easy to keep clean. With a diverse range of designs, you can enjoy the look of stone or metal with the warmth of wood, all without the worry of specialist maintenance. It really is the perfect choice for a kitchen floor.


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