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Major Types of Load Cells – Know What Are They Used For and How They Are Categorized

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There is a wide range of Load cells available in the market having different applications. A load cell basically converts weight or force into electrical signal that can be sent to remote recorder or computer for monitoring pressure, load, strain, and much more.

They are used in many diverse industries especially where precise measurements of the weight are important including manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, research laboratories, and so forth. The following are different kinds of load cells categorized by capacity built to meet varied demands required by different industries.

Low capacity load cells

This kind of load cell is perfect for the use in wind tunnel testing, medical testing equipment, parts counting scales, and check-weighing. They are usually in the range from around 25 grams to max capacity of about 150 pounds.

Mid-capacity load cells

This kind of load cell is typically designed to sense in the range of 200 to 20,000 pounds. They offer accurate weight measurements as a part of the industrial scales, track and truck scales, platform scales, bolt force measure equipment, and so forth.

Higher capacity load cells

These load cells generally range from around 25,000 to over 1 million pounds. The applications using these cells include destructive as well as non destructive testing in the labs, concrete batch plants, mooring testing, pile testing, rolling mills, and so forth.

Common and industrial applications of load cells

Anything that needs weighing will likely use load cell for doing it. So, there are different load cells that are present everywhere in our daily life. The following are some of the major uses of them.

  • Pallet weighing
  • Self service check out
  • Bathroom and kitchen scales
  • Weighting luggage at the airport
  • Belt scales
  • Weight bridges
  • Medical equipment
  • Overhead track scales
  • Platform weighing
  • Weighing agricultural produce
  • Hopper scales

Thus, load cells are widely used across many industries not only for weighing, but also for force management. They do it by taking force and converting into electrical output. It is just important to choose the ones that can best cater your industrial requirement!


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