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What makes a truly great wine?

The world of wine making is part science, part art and intrinsically instinctive. Whether you enjoy growing, cultivating or drinking, wine making is a respected industry that requires vision, tenacity, discipline and a thirst for making the next great vintage. We’ve put together some insider tips from successful winemakers, highlighting what they consider makes a truly great wine.

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Sustainability is key

There are three main elements to sustainability: society, economy and the environment. Successful wineries focus on sustainability in their growing practices, to generate steady increases in vineyard profit to preserve community, land and winery.

Expert winemakers believe success begins in the vineyard. All use viticulture – the study of grape cultivation – to maximise their vineyard’s potential. Winemakers do not pretend to know everything. They rely on their viticulturists and learn everything they can from them.

Keep it simple

There is also support for keeping the wine simple: allowing nature to do her job without synthetic interference or manipulation. The natural environment of the vineyard has a powerful influence over the quality of the wine produced. The influence of the environment over grape growing is called “terroir” and refers to the effects of the climate, soil and flora over the taste of wine. It’s widely believed that “great wine is grown, not made”.

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There are sophisticated technologies available to wineries to assist them in cultivating their grapes and creating great wine. Most, however, rely on simple processes and cite hands on involvement in understanding the land and the grapes grown as a major influence over their success.

Teams of experts

The world of wine making is populated with teams of experts, including online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, who are passionate about understanding everything they can about the process of wine production. The process of understanding wine is multi-faceted, layered and highly detailed.

Wine experts, such as The Wine Company NI, wine merchant in Northern Ireland), are more than happy to share their knowledge, to give you a snapshot of what makes a particular wine great. Sommeliers also provide insight and the ability to match your taste with a great wine.

The process of making a truly great wine is a fascinating journey for a wine making team, and their focus is providing a sustainable legacy for the world to enjoy.


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