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Medical Marijuana VS Synthetic Marijuana- Difference

In the last few years, the demand and sale for synthetic marijuana have soared, and it is not really a good thing for anyone. While most states of USA have banned weed seeds for sale, they can still be useful in their natural form. Synthetic cannabis, on the other hand, is a whole new headache. It started in the form of artificial cannabinoids used for experimentation in the labs but quickly got down to the streets as a synthetic weed.

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What exactly is Synthetic Marijuana?

Unlike the real weeds, synthetic marijuana is more of a man-made substance, where the chemical is sprayed over other herbs. The chemical sprayed has the same system of receptors as the medical cannabinoids. Here, the affinity of THC, the primary chemical that stimulates the brain, is much higher than the herbal ones. That amount of psychoactive potential can have a range of simultaneous side effects like vomiting, nausea, high BP, chest pain, kidney damage or eve psychosis.

What are the differences between herbal medical marijuana and synthetic marijuana?

It is not that hard to tell the difference if you keep an eye out. A quick look will tell you a lot if you keep the following points in mind.

  • Synthetic marijuana is not made from cannabis:

As mentioned before, synthetic marijuana is not real cannabis. The leaves are of other herbs, which are laced with lab-created chemical compounds to bring about similar effects.

  • It looks different:

Medical marijuana or real weeds are almost always sold as whole bud plant. But synthetic marijuana comes in small packets of grounded-up or crushed plants. Moreover, there are usually different types of herbs in the packet, since the chemical is added separately.

  • It smells different too:

Because of the presence of the chemical, synthetic marijuana smells a lot different than real ones. If you are used to the smell of medical marijuana, you already know that it is one of the most unique and distinct smells in the world.

  • The effects are adverse:

Synthetic marijuana is far more powerful because its compounds are regulated in a lab than naturally. The range can be from 5 times to a whopping 800 times stronger than the medical ones. So instead of the usual calming and soothing properties of medical marijuana, which helps fight a lot of things starting from headache and nausea to even cancerous cells, the synthetic cannabis only make them worse. In fact, they induce the effects, and synthetic marijuana is found to be one of the drugs with the highest potential to send someone for emergency medicine.

  • The sources are not authorized:

Synthetic marijuana is an illegal drug, even in states where marijuana is made legal. It is usually sold in the streets under various names like K2, Black Mamba or Spice. As cool as the names are, it is better you stick with a reputed dispensary or at least a trusted dealer. If you buy marijuana seeds online, do go through the review section once. Buy only if satisfied.


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