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How the Industry of Mobile Kitchen Trailer for Rent Started

With our last Recession, the industry of restaurants took a major hit as people just couldn’t afford to take the family out to eat. But trending upwards were food trucks where you take the food to your customers.


The mobile kitchen trailer for rent became a hit especially in larger cities such as:

  • Los Angeles;
  • Portland, Oregon;
  • New York City;
  • Austin, Texas.

This trend has only grown as the Recession ended. And the revolution revolves around family foods such as pizzas or Mexican food. Now they are everywhere and you can go into this business with mobile kitchen trailer for rent.


During the years of 2009 to 2014, mobile food trucks had an annual growth rate of over 12.4{cd01305ab2721fd43c16ff036ef4f7cf719d3bcd28c83c0a9abd1469c0f603e2} in the United States. This makes mobile restaurants the best-performing part of the food service sector.

Comfort foods

The demands for comfort foods as well as old family recipes have customers and they are showing that owners are doing business ventures as the food trucks seem to be sticking around. And one of the best sections of this trending is pizzerias. They are growing so fast that owners quickly start looking for mobile kitchen trailers for rent. You can open for lunch at one location and on the week-ends focus on:

  • Festivals;
  • Fairs;
  • Carnivals;
  • School events.

Businesses note that mobile units have many benefits such as:

  • Cheap;
  • Overhead is minimal;
  • Re-sell value is 80{cd01305ab2721fd43c16ff036ef4f7cf719d3bcd28c83c0a9abd1469c0f603e2};
  • No leases to guarantee;
  • Attractive schedule;
  • Work where you want.


These mobile units mean being able to go where the customers are and enticing them to follow you on weekends. It is also great for making money while you are creating your brand.


So currently families all have their favorite pizzeria on wheels and are going out to eat again. Many business trends are built on periods like recessions or depression. They are quick and easy to start, lower overhead, and have room for creativity as well as growth.


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