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How OEM Parts Save You Money in the Long Run

It’s safe to say that OEM parts are the gold standard of quality in the motorcycle industry. Even aftermarket manufacturers advertise their products by saying that they fit and perform as well as OEM. If there’s anything stopping you from having the incredible quality of original equipment on your vehicle, it’s probably the price. But most buyers have probably never stopped to calculate the actual cost of OEM parts versus aftermarket. A quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of each raises the old question: can you really afford not to use OEM parts for motorcycles?


Original parts are made to go on stock, fresh out of the factory. Aftermarket parts are usually intended to be used as replacements. This means that OEM usually last longer; for a few dollars more, you could end up with a part that lasts twice as long as the cheaper version.


OEM not only lasts longer, it helps your other parts to last longer. As a whole, stock parts are going to function more effectively than aftermarket replacements. Motorcycles are designed with a delicate balance between the various systems. A smaller vehicle with more specialized features creates less room for error than cars and trucks. It’s well known that OEM installs more easily and with a closer fit, allowing them to cause less wear and tear on the other parts.

Warranty Compatibility

Depending on your vehicle, using aftermarket parts might void your warranty. While some of this can be attributed to a manufacturer wanting you to buy its products, it also knows your motorcycle works better with OEM. Why should the company spend money when the damage to your bike could have been done by the cheaper products you installed?

The Best Prices on OEM Parts

If you want a massive selection of OEM products at the lowest prices, check out The site features a best price guarantee, so if you find an OEM part at a better price anywhere else, they match the lower cost.


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