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How to Plan an Outdoor Party

There are a lot of reasons to throw an outdoor party instead of holding it inside your home. Outdoor events require less cleaning, both before and after the party takes place. Many people also prefer to do things outside, especially when the weather is good. Taking advantage of those features is as easy as planning any other party, but there are a few special steps that every planner should take.

Mosquito Treatment

Nobody wants to invite mosquitoes to their party, but they will show up uninvited unless you make sure they stay away. Special event mosquito treatment is designed specifically to deal with them in this situation. The treatment lasts for about three weeks after it gets applied, and it can both eliminate the mosquitoes in the area and prevent new ones from moving in. The spray dries quickly, so applying it even a short time before the event won’t cause any disturbances for the invited guests. Pest control professionals, such as Mosquito Squad, perform this sort of treatment every day, so it’s very easy to get the job done right even on short notice.

Temporary Shelter

It’s best to set up a tent or other temporary shelter before the party. Doing so will make sure that everyone has access to a shaded place where they can cool down if they need to get out of the sun. A tent will also serve as a landmark and a natural gathering place, which makes it much easier to bring people together for food or announcements.

Setting up a big tent can be tricky, so the host needs to allow plenty of time to get it right. Most tents will come with an estimated setup time, but people who aren’t used to dealing with tents should allow a little bit of extra time to make sure that they can fix their mistakes before the guests arrive. Some tents do call for multiple workers during the setup stage, so hosts also need to make sure that they have enough help to get everything ready on time.

Planning for Rain

The downside to an outdoor party is that the weather is not always completely predictable. Rain is the most common problem, but high winds or extreme temperatures can also ruin a party. There are two ways to deal with that problem. The first is to cancel the party, but that wastes all of the preparation time and disappoints the guests. The second option, which is to plan an alternative venue, avoids those problems.

Hosts should try to have access to a building where they can hold their party if the weather makes it impossible to do so outside. It’s also important to have some indoor activities that can act as replacements for sports or other outdoor events. It isn’t necessary to spend as much time planning the backup event as it is the outdoor festivities, but it is best to think about a few options in advance.


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