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Police issue summer ‘walk-in’ burglary warning

Police in the scenic county of Cumbria have been issuing pleas to residents to be more vigilant, following a spike in burglaries from insecure properties.

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Keane Windows, specialist suppliers of windows and doors in Dublin, suggest that many people often leave windows and doors unlocked, especially in more rural areas, like Cumbria, where the area seems relatively safe. It’s not that Cumbria has suddenly become a crime hotspot – it’s actually had a 10{cd01305ab2721fd43c16ff036ef4f7cf719d3bcd28c83c0a9abd1469c0f603e2} reduction in burglaries over the past year. However, nearly half of the offences that did occur were categorised as “insecure” homes being burgled.

No need to break in

These are known as “sneak-in” offences, where the burglar enters through an unlocked door or window. Technically speaking, they can’t be classed as break-ins, because the lucky criminal didn’t have to break anything – they just walked in or hopped through an open window. This may have implications for any insurance claim, and some people are not covered where they have not secured the property, especially if they have got a reduced premium because of door and window locks.

Of course, on a very hot day, we all like to get air through our living space. However, if you have the type of house or flat where you can be in one room and be unaware of what is going on in another, you are providing an easy opportunity for burglars. In Cumbria, police have had to make this point before – in March, there were a number of burglaries from properties that were insecure. The staggering figure is that 40{cd01305ab2721fd43c16ff036ef4f7cf719d3bcd28c83c0a9abd1469c0f603e2} of the burglaries in Cumbria in the last year could have been prevented by simple measures such as locking the door, or even not leaving it wide open.

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Better doors and windows increase security

Many people with older windows have lost the keys, or simply never had locks for them. As for front doors, people find it a nuisance to have to lock them with a key. Yet many of the new windows and doors that are available from are quick to lock securely and virtually impossible to open from the outside, without attempting a full break-in.

Most burglars are too lazy to bother actually breaking in, when your neighbour has a nice open window!


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