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Propane-Fueled Scooters Available For Everyday Use: ProGo 3000

Producing machines that are ecofriendly is one of the main objectives of most automobile industries as global warming has become a great concern for humans. This is a very big challenge that every manufacturing industry is facing. To support this movement and protecting the earth’s ecosystem, propane powered scooters with the same level of performance as the scooters powered with gas has been made available for purchase. They have the same level of impact on the environment as the scooters powered by electricity, which is minimal. Unlike the electric scooters, the propane scooter has a lot of advantages, which include saving a lot of time because you wouldn’t have to wait 6-12 hours to recharge any battery. In some areas where the use of gas-powered scooters is prohibited, you can actually use the PROGO 3000 because it has been approved by EPA and CARB. No gas means you won’t be poisoning yourself and the environment. The engine does not emit much noise like the engine of gas scooters. A canister of propane on this model of scooter can travel for 40 miles at the speed of 20 mph. Let’s have a look at some of the gas and electric scooters challenges that a propane powered scooter would take away.

Some challenges faced by owners of gas scooters

  • Gas scooter emissions are bad for the environment, therefore, they are considered illegal in many places.
  • Due to carburetor gumming, the tank needs to be drained more frequently.
  • They produce strong smelling gas.

Some challenges faced by owners of electric scooters

  • They require some time charging their batteries (minimum 6 hours), which can only provide you with 45 minutes of ride time.
  • To get more power means you need more batteries. This makes the scooter heavy and difficult to store as batteries are heavy.
  • The batteries don’t last forever and replacing them is not cheap.

Characteristics of ProGo 3000

  • Legal:Because of its clean fuel, it is approved by EPA AND CARB. Therefore, it is legal to ride almost everywhere.
  • Easy pull start: It is very easy to start as it uses recoil start, which can be pulled to begin work easily.
  • Lightweight: Unlike the electric scooters that might include heavy batteries, the ProGo 3000 weighs just about 35 pounds. The handles are foldable, which makes them very easy to be folded for carrying and stored properly.
  • Durable and sustainable: The metal used for the frame of the scooter is strong and rugged steel frame. Even though it has a light weight, it can carry an additional load of up to 200 pounds comfortably. And the braking systems in the front and rear disk are very effective.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining ProGo 300 is really very easy. For example, it doesn’t require winterizing. Unlike gas powered scooter during very cold seasons, it does not require any preparation such as adding antifreeze, changing oil or adding insulation, heating units (in houses) et cetera.
  • Economical: With just 16.4 oz. of propane in a canister, you can take a ride for about 2-3hours and the canister is very easy to replace. The price of obtaining the propane powered scooter is extremely efficient, costing about $300 – $400, which makes it a fine investment.

In conclusion, ProGo 3000 is one of the best solutions for commuters looking for an environmentally friendly personal transportation with high performance, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness.


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