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Safety at the Workplace Compliance – Ventilation and Air Curtain Solutions Can Help

One of the responsibilities of employers is to provide a safe and work-conducive workplace for employees and workers. Ventilation is an essential element in making the workplace safe and conducive to working conditions. Workplaces are usually installed with air curtain that helps in letting in fresh air while eliminating pollution and stale air.

Air purification solutions

Besides compliance to health and safety regulations at workplace, a business needs to ensure work’s health as well as the premises where production is and this is managed by installing air purification solutions such as air curtain. This is an industrial fan that allows air circulation and ventilation. In general, a business installs ordinary wall mount fan to cool-up workers.

However, there are various situations when ordinary cooling fans cannot meet the cooling demands of the workplace thus limiting productivity and workers’ functionality. Confined workplaces and dealing with hazardous materials must install ventilators such as exhaust fans to keep the area and workers safe from inhaling dangerous air. These ventilating fans have specialized fans and blowers that keep the air within safe for breathing and eliminate the risks of ignition.

However, an ordinary exhaust fan cannot remove fumes, smoke or dangerous gases thus endangering workers. In addressing the problem, a business turning to air purification and ventilation solutions that assess the business needs based on preferred and specific applications.

Mounting methods

Not all industrial premises are alike so your air purification solutions service will assess what method of installations fit your workplace. Two most common installation methods are wall mounting where the air curtain is fastened directly to the wall and the ceiling mounting where the fan is threaded with a rod and hang from the ceiling.

Both methods have air flowing from top to bottom in a vertical direction. If the place lacks mounting space, your ventilation service will install air and ventilation curtains that are mounted vertically to the ground where air blows across the entrance or opening to meet the demand of proper ventilation and cooling system.

Activation options

You can choose the activation and switches that fit your workplace. Ventilation curtains with automatic sensor or with sensor-built turn on whenever the door opens. The remote operated has turns on automatically or manually and usually with remote multiple speed selectors to control air velocity. Your ventilation provider will suggest magnetic read automatic if for your commercial or industrial property.

Good ventilation is an important aspect of safety at workplace and for your safety at workplace compliance; consults ventilation and air curtain solutions and resolve the issue at the fastest time possible.


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