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Six ways to improve your Google ranking

Regardless of the size of your business, you know that maintaining a web presence is important, both to keep current customers up to date and in touch and to be found by prospective customers.

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The fact of the matter is that if your site does not come up on Google’s first page, the chances are that no one is finding you; in fact, 90 per cent of clicks resulting from searches come from the first page.

To ensure your web page is easily found, you need to pay some attention to search engine optimisation. Here are six tricks to improve your page ranking.

Make sure each page is searchable

Apart from secure admin pages, every page on your website needs to be searchable – not just your homepage. To be indexable, text needs to be human – or in this case bot – readable, and any embedded images and videos need to be properly tagged so that they can be indexed by search engines.

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Optimise your SEO keywords

A London SEO agency will focus on identifying and optimising the keywords that drive traffic to your site. If you are not working with a London digital marketing agency, you can do this yourself – there are free tools to check and analyse the traffic each search term achieves to ensure you are hitting the right notes.

Know your metrics

Very much related to your SEO keywords, you need to pay close attention to which terms customers are searching to reach your site and how these relate to your business. If there are key services you deliver that are not generating traffic, you need to work out why.

Check your metadata

More than just keywords, bots also look at the metadata embedded in the HTML code of each page. You therefore need to ensure that the metadata keywords for each page are accurate and optimal.

Learn the rules Google plays by

To succeed, you need to research and learn which metrics Google uses to rank pages. These include page loading speeds, whether the page is secured with SSL, and – in 2018 – how mobile-friendly the pages are.

Don’t stop improving

As technology changes, so do the rules Google uses. If you want to stay at the top of the search results, you need to constantly revisit your site and your keywords.


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