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Some Useful Things To Know About Fairway Woods

In the arena of golfing, there are many things that matter in determining your performance. Among the many elements, the fairway woods are certainly the most important ones. They have always been quite popular among the golfers, and in the market, you can come across a number of options to choose from.  A fairway wood features a smaller design when compared to a driver. Owing to the small design of a fairway wood, it offers much better control when taking a shot. In fact, if you want to hit the ball to a far distance then it is better to go with the option of fairway wood.

However, it is important to choose the right fairway woods for their game. In case you do not have much idea about them, you may end up choosing an inappropriate one. So, let us provide you some knowledge about these items.Image result for Some Useful Things To Know About Fairway Woods

How to purchase the right fairway woods?

Talking about the design, like it was mentioned above, the fairway woods are only around 30 percent of the entire size of the drivers. The face heights aspect is also quite low in this case. Another major feature of their design is that they have higher lofts, which in turn helps in making a better trajectory. When you browse through the different brands of fairway woods, make sure the following points related to the clubhead material are taken care of:

  • The head made from steel offers better performance. So, always prefer a fairway wood that features steel made head.
  • Use of titanium material make a fairway wood more beneficial for the golfers. Since titanium is very light in weight, therefore the designers or engineers of these equipments are able to place the center of gravity right in the back of the clubhead. This particular feature proves useful in launching the golf ball early, which in turn renders maximum distance.
  • Nowadays, you will come across a lot of manufacturers who make use of composite materials for making the fairway woods. Numerous materials like titanium, steel, and carbon are used for making the heads more efficient and durable as well. You can check out to know more about it.

So, those were the three important tips you should keep in mind when purchasing fairway woods. Price comparison can also prove to be useful in making the right choice. In order to maintain the magic of these equipments, you must take very good care of them. This is the reason why you must clean your fairway woods on regular basis.

How to clean your fairway woods?

In the online market, you can find golf club cleaning kit, which can be pretty much useful in keeping the fairway woods in proper condition. However, you can also clean it without the help of a kit. You just have to keep few items handy, such as plastic bucket, plastic brush or old toothbrush, mild dishwashing detergent, clean towel, and clean moist cloth. With these simple things, you can maintain the longevity of your golf clubs.



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