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Tall People Have More Fun

When we don’t like something about our appearance, we change it. We can dye our hair any colour of the rainbow. We can update our wardrobe to reflect the coolest style of the year. And now we can change something like our height just as easily. With the latest height insoles inserted into your shoes, you can instantly give yourself a boost of two inches. Slip them into any pair when you need to stand just a little bit taller. This small tweak pays off in huge benefits.

It isn’t just about looks; taller people have a competitive advantage over their shorter friends. Studies suggest tall individuals make a better first impression, with many people seeing them as competent, capable, and confident. This special treatment pays off in both their career and personal lives. They receive preferential treatment in the work place, with a higher chance of receiving raises, bonuses, and promotions. Meanwhile, women consider taller men more attractive. Of course, the way they’re treated affects their self-esteem, so a person who’s taller than average tends to be more self-assured than those who are shorter. Unless, of course, they’ve discovered what height insoles from can do for them.

Quality-made height insoles are a way to cheat the genetics that made you shorter than average. They’re designed to fit into any closed-toe shoe easily and comfortably, so you can boost your height without pain or frustration. In fact, they’re ergonomically designed to add considerable shock absorbing support that protects your arches, heels, knees, and lower back. As a result, you can wear them without a second thought, whether you slip them into your dress Oxfords or your cross-fit Nikes.

Once you get a pair of well-made height insoles from a company such as Add Height, you can see what experience the advantages taller people have for yourself. You might just earn a promotion or get a new job entirely. According to research, taller people can make as much as $789 more each year for every inch they are above the national average. This statistic finally makes sense of the fact that the majority of CEOs and presidents are above 6 feet. That simple boost of 2 inches could suddenly catapult you into a new earnings bracket.

Height insoles are no longer just a passing fancy to alter your appearance. They can provide a significant benefit in all areas of your life. Find out why being taller is better, and see your life from a brand new perspective. Find a pair of inserts that are as comfortable as they are functional.


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