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The Best Road Tripping Apps Around

There’s an old saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same. There might be no better positive example of this than with the good old fashioned road trip. Mix tapes were replaced by CDs then by MP3 players and iTunes. The Rand McNally Road Atlas was replaced by GPS & Google Maps. The stress of getting to a new place and searching for a hotel via phone book or word of mouth recommendation is long gone with smartphones being more than enough to make that call or even book online without talking to a single front desk employee.

The good news is that the adventurous spirit of the “Great American Road Trip” is still alive and well, no matter what new forms the tools take. While the pre-road trip checklist might differ every decade, there’s no denying that RV rental remains pretty high on the list as far as how to do things right. So get your ideal RV, start up the to-do list, and read on to get the best travel apps currently available for the avid road tripper.


Some avid travelers are going to love this app and see it as the king of all apps because it provides incredibly detailed options and support while also still giving you the freedom to veer off course as you see fit along the way. Others who really like to go by the seat of the pants might not be huge fans, but here’s the thing: you don’t have to follow its route.

For this app you put in your final destination, your starting point, when you’re traveling, and what you’re interested in, and the app plots out a trip that includes places to eat, camp, stay, odd-ball sites, and plenty of notable or interesting places that meet your standards. This is one heck of a tool for getting that perfect route going.


This free travel app focuses on those pesky details that are still extremely important. Where’s the next gas station? Do any of the nearby towns have fast food? This is the app you want to know for sure how far you have to travel before you can get out, stretch the legs, and stock up. Invaluable app to travel with – giving important information the maps can’t.

Sit or Squat

There are other apps that help you find the nearest bathroom when you feel that emergency coming on, but how many actually rank the bathrooms by cleanliness and user experience? If you have traveled enough you have experienced that truly horrific bathroom that was just terrifying. This app helps you spot the good ones from the ones rated “Keep driving and take your chances down the road.”

Seriously, this is a great travel app to have.

Pandora, iTunes, or Spotify

This section can be sub-titled, “Whatever Your Favorite Music App Is.” If you’re going to have a road trip then you need to have some serious tunes. Whether that comes in the form of Pandora, iTunes, or Spotify, you don’t want to always rely on the radio. Get some epic playlists together and travel to the playlist that most fits the mood of this journey.

RV Parks & Campgrounds

If you’re going to be traveling by RV, then there’s nothing quite as reassuring as knowing ahead of time what your options are when it comes to finding good RV parks or campgrounds that have the full range of hook ups. This travel app is an absolute necessity for the frequent RV traveler and makes it much easier to find an outstanding place to stop and setup camp at so you can spend less time looking and more time enjoying what each area has to offer.

In Conclusion

Every person will have their own idea of what the best travel apps are, but this short list gives you the full range of information and tools needed to help make your next trip a smashing success.



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