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The Dianabol Steroid – Check Out the Multiple Reasons to Consume It

Dianabol was developed around 10 years after the testosterone was introduced in the market. The main purpose of the Dianabol was to cure several medical conditions. It worked as a tonic for the body. Due to the harsh side effects, it was discontinued by the experts. Many patients faced difficulty in tolerating the after effects.

However, the supplement has improved today and it is effectively used to tone the muscle. The ideal Dianabol cycle will last for about 6- 7 weeks. The dosage would vary based on the tolerance level, individual size, gender and so on. You might have to experiment with different dosages and strengths to find the ideal dosage.

Learn more about cycles and usage

The 6 – 7 weeks cycle means that you would be consuming at least one dose every day. You could either consume it for cutting or the bulking. The length of cycle will depend on various factors like the gender, hormones, size and so on. If you consume 20 mg per dose, the cycle will last for as much as 6 weeks. To extend the cycle to 8 weeks, you have to take around 50mg in a day.

Anyone can experience the side effects irrespective of the gender. The most common side effects include:

  • Liver failure
  • Hair loss
  • Roid rage
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Acne

However, you could easily reduce the side effects with restricted dosages at limited time frames. It is always advisable to follow expert’s advice before taking any new steroid. The doctor will conduct a thorough body check up to ensure you do not face serious complications. The patients suffering from heart conditions and other serious chronic conditions are not advisable to consume this substance.

Keep in mind the below precautions while shopping

If you are already taking any medication, be careful while taking any new supplement. You must confirm with the doctor. Make sure that you never hide anything from the experts. If you take the necessary precautions, it would become much simpler to reduce the side effects. You should also gain knowledge on como tomar clembuterol.

However, if you still experience any severe side effects after several days of usage, it is best to discontinue the supplement for few days. Not only this, you could also try a different brand. Different companies offer various strengths of the supplement.


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