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The Secrets of Decorating with Moldings and Casings

Decorative moldings at the juncture of the walls and ceilings, casings around the doors and windows, and trims on the walls and other plain surfaces have the power to define how a place look a feel. These architectural features, even at their simplest profile and design, can change the ambiance of a room. They add depth and visual weight and can stand on their own. There are plenty of other items and accessories that can do these things but these features are versatile and you can apply them in numerous ways.

Make a lower ceiling look taller – Even a tiny strip of ceiling molding can elevate the aesthetic quotient of a room by adding architectural interest. It also hides the flaws on the surfaces and makes the transition from the wall to the ceiling smooth and effortless. Paint the ceiling and molding the same color makes a room with a low ceiling look taller. In that case, you can keep the wall color different to create more visual appeal.

Make a contrasting color pop – If you want to take the moldings and trims the center stage instead of anything else, paint them in a color different than what is applied on the walls and the ceiling. You can stain them for a historic feel, apply a bright color to create a fabulous view, or paint white to bring the classic freshness of the New England style. The choices are endless.

If you take a traditional approach, the moldings and trims will provide a neat and clean view while contrasting to the wall shades.

Bring the classic sophistication – White on white may sound cliché but it can lend any place a majestic air if applied the right way. Decorate a white room with white moldings, trims, and casings. The design of the panels can be sleek and smooth, classic and sculpted, stuccoed, or anything else that seems a good fit. Such a decoration will update any interior with a fresh style.

Create high contrast with a black-and-white combo – A combination of black and white is probably the most contrasting palette that you can think of. Some of its numerous benefits of this combination are it looks classic and there is little room for making mistakes. You can keep the ceiling and adjacent moldings white while paint black the walls and the trims on it. ModelHomeMakeover offers interior design solutions to all homes in search of frugal house improvement ideas.

Juxtapose different designs – Moldings and casings don’t have to match! The designs can be different and yet they can coordinate with each other along with the rest of the décor scheme. You can choose sleek panes for the moldings while the window casings can be made of flat, wide panels. Or, simple profile casings can balance out heavily decorated trims or moldings. In both cases, you can add depth and volume without making the room look overwrought. The combination will also give the place a chic ensuite feel.

Create an exclusive feel with wood – When there is wood, you don’t need a lot of decoration to make a room look special. Install wood panels as window casings and apply a nice stain to give them a polished look. These will offer stunning frames for the beautiful outdoor views. Complement such eye-pleasing features with a similar wall color, leather accessories, and fabrics for windows. The woven shades will really look good and flatter the casings.

Apply large-scale moldings – Stacking the molding panels really create a flattering style that is hard to ignore. If the placement is right, such large-scale features will look stunning and uplift the room’s ambiance. Use real plaster as the material because it looks stately. However, MDF won’t be a bad idea too if budget is short. Plaster is better though because it just becomes the part of the surface where it is installed.


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