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Things You Must Stop Doing As a Technical Writer

A writer is a man who is never bound to any such obstacles.  Every writer has the fundamental right to express and expose anything and everything which he feels getting contaminated and creating a bad effect on the society.

A writer is the voice of millions of people surviving in a land bounded by law. In the contemporary age the nature and role of writers have been diversified into various types. Leaving aside the eminent people writing in pen and paper, there are digital writers creating a huge scope and demand for people interested in writing.

Digital writing and digital writers are all about writing for content and advertising.  This is altogether a new dimension which got evolved in the past few years.

In digital medium there is no such proper segregation of the target group. It is meant for all using the internet platform.  Every writer in digital writes about various topics which are currently taking place in the society. Here it will be a discussion on technical writing.

Technical writing in digital is all about writing for various products and services related to technology.  There can be solution to various technological problems; there can be reviews of various technical products etc.

All the writers, writing technical stuffs are somehow quite accustomed to various inventions and discoveries taking place in this platform. Their knowledge and expertise helps the common people to gain some good and efficient knowledge about technology.

What are the fundamental things every technical writer should stop doing while writing anything about technology?

  • Minimize the usage of technical jargons– every technical write-up contains technical jargons at certain places. This is an essential need to complete an article. But as the writer is writing for the common mass it is recommended to minimize the use of technical jargons for better and effective understanding.
  • From complex to simple– Every technical writer should try to move their articles from complex to simple style. In digital, simple writing is the most preferred one.  Every writer should focus more on the simplicity of the article. There is always a sheer beauty in simple things.
  • Usage of figures should be reduced- In technical writing; it is very obvious that there will be usage of varied figures. Unfortunately these figures create a barrier while reading. Therefore it is also recommended for the writers to reduce the usage of figures in an article
  • Don’t write about old and backdated products or services related to technology– Every writer should not focus on any technical products or services which are backdated and old. In technical writing, it is best to write about new and upcoming items.

In the recent years, it is not really difficult to find technical writers.  The digital platform is for every person who wants to contribute some unknown facts for the people to know about it.  Though there are organizations offering jobs for technical writers yet the demand for online freelance technical writers are more in the market.

The above tips are the most basic things that every technical writer should follow while creating an article or a blog.


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