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Travel and make money around the world

Traveling really is a unique experience. Whether you go on a holiday for two weeks per year or whether you go traveling around the world for months at a time, traveling is a great way to broaden the mind and grow as a person. Moreover, there’s no reason why you cannot earn money whilst you’re traveling. Travel blogs are a great way to document your travels so that in the future you have an easily accessible place to look back on all of the places that you have visited, if the blog becomes popular enough, you can also make money from advertising revenue. Vlogging is another way that travelers are able to support their traveling lifestyle. Some travel vloggers are able to earn huge money from documenting their travels on sites such as YouTube.

Of course, most people don’t travel as a job, they travel because they love exploring the world. However, who wouldn’t want to earn money whilst they travel the world? Fortunately, there are easier ways of doing this that do not require you to video yourself continuously or write everything down. Most countries around the world have their own national lotteries where millions of pounds can be won and yes, foreigners can win these massive jackpots too.

South America


Brazil, a country that offers sunshine, golden beaches, a wonder of the world and some of the most passionate people that you are ever likely to meet. Brazil is the biggest country in South America and also has the largest population. Rio de Janeiro is the city where the majority of the tourists flock to in order to enjoy the famous Copacabana beach and gaze upon the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Brazil is a place you should definitely visit. Here’s a list of seven YouTuber’s who prove that Brazil is a wonderful place to go. If you don’t feel like you have the energy to film yourself traveling around Brazil, foreigners are welcome to take part in the Brazilian national lottery – the Mega Sena – where potential jackpot winner have the chance to win millions of dollars. Online sites such as offer anyone in the world the chance to win the Mega Sena.


Next up on our travel list is Columbia. It’s understandable if the first thing that you think of upon hearing the word Columbia is drug cartels and cocaine but Columbia has turned over a new leaf. There is peace in the country and you can now explore the country without an added fear of being kidnapped and held for ransom. Columbia is home to a lost city that was only rediscovered in 1976. Ciudad Perdida was constructed some 650 years before Peru’s Machu Picchu. The ancient city is hidden in dense jungle and requires a six-day hike to reach and for this reason it is a city that few have traveled to. So, if you want an experience like no other, head to Columbia.


If you want to go on a camping holiday like no other, head for Argentina. If you have a tent, campgrounds are available all around the country is any number of their national parks (the Patagonia region is the favourite of many travelers). The country itself is one of the most expensive South American countries to travel around, however, the prices are still very cheap compared to that of central European countries. Buenos Aries is the city to visit with a fantastic mix of culture and entertainment. Ensure that you visit the Iguazu Waterfalls which have been comically nicknamed ‘Niagara on Viagra’ due to the fact that the falls are higher and twice as wide as Niagara. Nomadic Matt gives a free guide to traveling around Argentina on his blog.


Are you a photography lover? If so, you must visit the beautiful country of Chile. Chile’s landscape is absolutely astounding, from the snowy and diverse landscape of Patagonia to the beach city of Iquique in the north, traveling through Chile will enrich your soul beyond all belief. In Chile you can; climb volcano’s, travel down white water rapids, hike up vast mountains and take in some of the best street art that South America has to offer.


Peru, home to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, is one of the top countries to visit if you are planning on visiting South America. Machu Picchu is, of course, the number one thing to do in the country but there are also a variety of other fun things to do that you will be sharing with your friends from back home for years to come. Peru is host to a variety of ancient Incan monuments, temples and ruins. The Incan empire occupied a variety of South American countries before it was destroyed by the Spanish in 1572. In the early 16th century, the Incan empire was possibly the largest empire in the world, despite the fact that most of the world had no idea that it even existed. Where the majority of Europe saw gold as a must have prize, the Inca’s – because they had so much of it – did not place anywhere near as much value on it. If you are a history buff, a keen walker/hiker or just want to take in stunning scenery whilst learning about a country ever so rich in history, Peru is the place for you.


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